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Welcome to Natural Selections recruitment thread. My GOD these "looking for a clan" pages are basic.


We are an active PVM/Skilling/Questing social clan of really amazing people, we aren't a family we are better, friends and trust me that's wayyyyyy more fun! Our players are all over 21 and mostly based in Australia, but we did let a few Americans in as they had jokes and booze.
We have a T1 citadel for that 6% boost y'all but we don't really care about it and its kinda neglected.. if you have 99 farming and would like to nurture the tree we welcome the help!
We give out ranks like candy, like a flu jab you have to do something to get something, these somethings include talking in CC sometimes, attending events if you feel like it and are active on Runescape.

We have a discord (which is optional but recommended) and like to do Karaoke on Fridays, this is not mandatory and no one can actually sing. Our admin+ ranks would also like to mention our milkshakes bring all the recruits to the lumberyard so we can help you get kittens.

Total members: 77
Clan length: 11 days

If you would like an invite or to ask more questions add & message one of the below people in-game:
Bright Pink




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Thats enough about the 'US' time for the 'YOU'.

We know you're not basic and like to have a laugh, you want a clan that is social but does PVM and has a discord with people who actually go on. You are ready to try something new with people who can hang or help you in game.

Returning player: Welcome back, want to know whats changed and what people do now? We are here to help, kinda, we aren't Wiki but will do our best and can share our tips and tricks. You're in the clan for the conversation, PvM teachers (we have high level players!) and crazy events! Not all clans are like us and if you don't choose to join I highly recommend you star this thread because there are so many boring clans you are gonna wish you joined :)

You have a clan but it died / is boring AF: Firstly good for you, this is the first step to happiness. Moving to a smaller clan so you can have a tight group of friends will make Runescape a lot more fun. We have space for you and our CC is active (aka there is conversation and banter), this is the clan to make your grinds more bearable and keep you sane! With high level PvMers, Questers and Skillers there is something for everyone :)

We invite you to guest 'Natural Selections' and check out our discord

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Bright Pink said:
Welcome to Natural Selections recruitment thread.

Duplicate thread closed.

The Clan Home Forum is for discussion or planning threads, should a clan feel the need to have one separate from their recruitment thread or the private clan forums attached to their RS Clan Page. It is not used for recruitment threads.

Please remember that to be fair to all clans, each clan should only have one recruitment thread, posted in the forum that is the best fit for the clan. Your thread in the Recruitment - Social & Community Clans Forum is the better placed, so please continue to use that thread.

Good luck :)

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