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1. Absolutely no racism, or sexism, will be tolerated. You will be removed immediately

2. If you bot or macro or any of that, its against the rules of Jagex, and i do not condone it, so do not be verbal about it.

3. I am not a fan of political debates or religious debates/hate speech. Neither will be tolerated in the clan.

4. After 45 days of not logging in, you will be removed.

5. Cursing is not a big deal as long as its not excessive, or being used as an insult to another member.

6. Any heavy drug related comments are a no-go. Weed, nicotine, alcohol are all ok since they are legal in different areas of the world and this clan is multi-cultural.

7. Pk'ing any member in the clan is not tolerated. When you see those orange dots in the wild, you are to feel safe not scared.

8. Don't be excessive with sexual remarks. A well placed joke is one thing, but don't be a creep. This is not an 18+ game.

9. Any other Jagex rules obviously apply.

~~~Ranking System~~~

Ranking system goes by a point system tracked by Clan_Bot on Discord.

Referrals, capping, and every 50m xp gained in the clan is 5 points each.

Showing up to events, helping out other clanmates, sharing correct information Is worth 1 point each.

Being aggressive, sharing incorrect info/getting angry when someone corrects your bad info is a deduction of 1-5 points depending on severity.

Breaking any clan rule is a warning, then deduction of 10 points everytime.

If you get to negative points, go 45 days without logging in, or consecutively break rules/cause issues, you will be removed.

Corporal - 5 Points

Sergeant - 15 points

Lieutenant - 30 points

Captain - 45 points

General - 60 points (you cannot become General before 1 month in clan)

Admin - Hand selected by staff, These are Generals who are trusted to be Chatmod.

Organizer+ Are all staff roles, treat them with respect. They weren't just handed the rules without earning it.

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