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okay Kills 4 Mills!!! This is going to be a temporary introduction to grow our clan and camaraderie. We would love to have a more active clan not just a bunch of afk players. Dont get me wrong, afk is perfectly fine, we are just looking for new interactive players to compliment our quiet less clan-active ones That being said, lets begin our adventure! ;)

ranks corporal-general are earned through DPM measurements (damage per minute)

Corporal - 50-100k
Sergeant - 100-120k
Lieutenant- 120-140k
Captain - 140-159k
General - 160k+

this is primarily so members can pick other online players out who are eligible for any content they might be wanting to do and ofc it can be badge of pride if you wish ahah (:

We do our best to keep fresh, clan oriented events running every so often as well <3

please announce your in-game name upon entering the clan discord:

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