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(GOP is Great Orb Project)

The GOP Community is not a clan, but this forum is the one most fitting for this thread. The GOP Community consists of several communities, several clans and friends' chats.

WELCOME... Tommi.

This thread is a platform for talking among folks who have a forum account, but can't talk in game, or just find it more convenient to talk here. Mainly as a bridge in between Timo and Tommi for conversations without crashing someone else's thread for it... Any muppet, thingummywut and cabbage is welcome to say things in here.

Reason, compassion and GOP.

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It is best to use the FC thread, for now.

This Forum is generally reserved for non-RuneScape related discussion, and while the ability to converse, is non-RuneScape, the topic is D: so.. best not to post it here : D

Thankyou though !

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Tommi, do you really think that you need 550 posts for the minigames' thread? The effort is admirable, but I think 10 pages would be enough. Anyway, best of luck with that :D

I played my first few 1v1 GOP games today. Better than EoC FoG! Thanks to those who had to suffer watching my games (Timo, Xiao and maybe someone who I forgot).

Edit: Additional thanks to Timo and Gethynytridd for getting me there, I'd never try it if you didn't suggest :)

Edit2: Edited out.

Edit4: I forgot to thank one mighty Pirate for playing a few games with me. It was really nice to GOP while remembering some older FoG matches.
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: D that's great to hear, I'm so glad you've had another go at it : D !

Um yes, 55 will be needed, though not immediately, as it will require (eventually) 1 page for the introduction and contents, 1(2) for the Raisons of being (those pesky dried gripes, but everyone needs them !), rules and FAQ.

Then it needs one post for every Minigame or D&D, under the current format, for all the quick fixes, so that's 4 pages(6) and then you need one page each, for all the ideas in detail, for each Minigame/D&D, some won't need a whole page, maybe, even after they move in.. but I can't allow favouritism to be shown, even for practical reasons, at least until it becomes more obvious to everyone that they don't need a whole page.. and by that time others might be needing more space..

I'll try and keep it to 1 page of ideas each, max, though..

And after a time, even small ideas, with their pros and cons (each one takes up a post in itself, if done properly, in my experience, though I'll have to be harsh with cutting down some, to fit..) add up, and as it will archive ideas until sorted (and perhaps after.. to show they've been done, and give JAGEX some 'cred' for fixing things and listening to players), they will accumulate, gradually.

I'm pretty certain that even if it's just me running it, that I can have a good 11 Years or so where I can spend the time needed to maintain the thread, so it's a fair while for it to build up. Even after that, I might still continue, or allow a remake by somone else (something I could do before that, if needed/somone could do it better, which is quite likely: My English is horrific [at least to me..], and other people are far more adept at organising and summarising than I..).

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