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Fealty Stars ~ Friendly Adults

Clan Core Stats


Fealty Stars is a mature adult drama free social clan which chartered April 20, 2012 with the intent of creating an easy welcoming pause from real life to enjoy any RuneScape related experience. We’ve been going strong since because our focus has always been on people getting along well together.

We function much like a relaxed group of lone-skillers who enjoy spending time together while doing our own thing. All skills and all RuneScape activities.

Members range in age from 18-75, average age 35 so very high population of older adult players.

Relaxed pleasant chat, active 24/7 is always welcoming to our many visitors.

3%-6% all skills weekly avatar bonus available from rune stone in the citadel.

Citadel use optional, plots always open to use as much as needed. Tier 7.

Clan Discord, please ask for invite to guest.

We do not have Iron Man members.

Clan Time: E USA , GMT, Oceanic, global

Home World: 79 or best ping.

Thank you for considering Fealty Stars :)

Founding Owner

Rules below or click here
: Rules

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Rules of Conduct

Chartered on 4/20/2012 Fealty Stars clan chat has established itself as one of the most pleasant and desirable clan chats in RuneScape for the best of reasons ….. our awesome members. We intend to keep it that way.

In order to ensure that everyone fits well within Fealty Stars family, we have the following rules which all members must follow.

(1) All Jagex Rules Apply

Rules Of Runescape

(2) No profanity, vulgarity or obscene language in clan chat ... please try to express yourself with a better choice of words.

• Little kids read our chat so we like to keep it clean.

• In the event of accidental profanity, a quick apology makes it “go away.”

• Any member continuing to use blatant profanity, vulgarity or obscenity will be dealt with under Disciplinary Rules below, which provide for immediate kicking when necessary.

(3) Politics, Religion, Race, Drugs, Lifestyle and 'Dating' should be moved to private or friends chat. These subjects always cause drama and arguments.

• No arguing, overt or covert drama, rants or bullying in clan chat.

• Agree to disagree and drop the subject, or take the matter to private or friends chat.

• Please behave maturely no matter your age.

(4) Discord is for all Fealty Stars members including our members who play OSRS.

• All clan rules apply.

• Discord is more relaxed but we request the same courtesy and politeness our clan chat offers.

• You may guest by invitation but all clan rules apply.

(5) Do not ask to trust-borrow. This is a form of begging and is not tolerated.

• If you trust-lend items or gp you are totally responsible if not returned.

(6) One account per member, however alt accounts are welcome to guest in chat. You may change to another of your accounts but please know you will lose all accumulated xp and have to start over from the bottom.

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(7) We do not tolerate pot stirring, overt and excessive attention-seeking behavior, recruiting our members for existing or planned clan, or any divisive under the radar drama as determined by Deputies and Owner to undermine clan continuity or stability.

(8) Participate in clan chat as much as is comfortable for you to do so. No one has to talk in chat unless they want to.

• When participating in a dangerous or tedious activity, or chat is too busy you may sign out of cc.

(9) We do not arbitrarily kick members without reason. However breaking any of these rules will result in immediate kicking.

• No botting or macroing
• No scamming
• No luring
• No flaming (no insulting members or guests)
• No bullying
• No pk-ing clan members
• No begging/asking for free money or free items
• No account sharing (no asking to log on someone’s account, no allowing them to log into your account.

(10) Disciplinary Rules

(A) Officer's First Conversation With Member:

1. You will be contacted in private message by Clan Officer for the purpose of sorting facts.

• Please respond promptly, respectfully to Officer's request for dialog in pm.

• Failure to do so will result in referral of incident to Owner and Deputies for further action at their sole discretion.

2. Time stamped non-broken, non-selective, consecutive screen shots of cc dialog are always beneficial to help sort facts. Provide those if you can.

3. Clan Officer will explain which clan rules were broken along with expected acceptable behavior.

4. If the matter can not be resolved by a lower ranking Officer it will be referred to Owner or Deputies for appropriate action.

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B) Second Conversation With Member:

1. All of (A) (1) (2) (3) apply.

2. Since this is the second intervention by an officer, the issue will have been referred with appropriate screen shots to Owner or Deputies.
• Purpose of this conversation will be to explain reasons why the rules are in place. Majority of times an explanation of why clears up the matter with no further incident.

(C) Warning:

1. Warning is the third and final step prior to kicking and banning. This step is self-explanatory.

2. All of (A) (1) (2) (3) (4), (B) (1) (2) apply.

3. Warning means to correct behavior immediately or be prepared to be kicked without any further communication from any FS Officer.

(D) Special Circumstances Emergency Kicking:

1. This provision is used to immediately remove disruptive member(s) who can not be brought under control by normal means of pm dialog, or member whose actions are clearly not in the best interest of Fealty Stars clan as a whole.

• The following are a few examples of the criterion used for emergency kicking: (a) Member using cc as a personal soapbox to air grievances about anything bothering them (b) Member creates a disturbance with overt clan drama which can not be deescalated (c) Member engages in a profanity laced rant (d) Member being immature to the point of not fitting in with the clan as a whole (e) Member whining and complaining (g) Member insulting or putting clan members down (h) Member engaging in excessive attention-seeking behavior (i) Member attempting to recruit FS members for a current clan or a clan being planned.

2. Any officer is granted permission to kick on the spot will make a carefully considered judgment call based on all information available relevant to circumstances prior to taking action.

3. Special Circumstances Emergency Kicking is granted to Overseers who find it necessary to use when other higher ranking officers are not online to deal with the issue.

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(E) When Issues Resolve Themselves:

1. Most issues between mature adults resolve themselves and require no further intervention by Officers.

(F) Removing Disruptive Clan Chat Guests:

1. Recruits + are granted permission to remove any guests from clan chat who troll or fit within any category which is disruptive to cc.

2. Kicked guests will be put on ban list to prevent further disruption.

(11) Rules Governing All Forms Of Communication

(A) Clan Chat:

(1) All clan rules apply in Clan Chat to ensure clan members a smooth-flowing, drama- and argument-free place for conversation.

(B) Private Chat:

(1) Jagex has built-in game controls, with several applicable categories for reporting unwanted pms, which are superior to any action we could take regarding any form of private communication. Please use these as necessary.

(2) Jagex has built-in tools for rapid repeat reporting. On Client click examine > click icon far left top > select appropriate category..

(3) Jagex has provided an Ignore function to eliminate pms from any player whose conversation is so unpleasant that you want no further contact from that individual. Please add appropriate party to Ignore and keep them on Ignore.

(5) Please avoid all contact with whomever you deemed unpleasant in Public Chat.

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(C) Public Chat:

(1) (B) (1) (2) (3) (4) inclusive apply.

(2) We trust that all members will take into consideration how their words and actions affect others, along with reflecting on the clan as a whole, before sharing them in Public Chat.

(D) Voice Chat of All Types:

(1) Jagex does not provide or sanction any type of voice chat, so it the responsibility of the of the voice chat server owner to appoint Server Administrators to maintain order on those servers to Server Owner's satisfaction.

(2) Responsibility for how Skype personal and Skype conference are used, along with other group/conference & private conversation, is assumed by the individual member engaging in any of those types of conversation.

(3) Do not give out your phone number to anyone unless you feel you can personally trust the person you're giving it to.

(E) Instant Message Communication:

(1) This form of communication is not sanctioned by Jagex, so do not give out your information unless you personally trust the person you're giving it to.

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Fealty Stars ~ Friendly Adults

Clan Core Stats


Fealty Stars is a premier 7 year old social clan chartered 4/20/2012. Vast majority of our members have played the game for years so generously share information.

Our chat is known throughout RuneScape as being friendly and welcoming to all. We are a drama-free family friendly no profanity chat.

Average member age is 35 with many older adults in their 40's-70's which provides a very pleasant atmosphere for our many guests. We have no age or level restrictions nor xp output requirements but do expect mature behavior.

Please guest with us a few days to see if our chat is what you're looking for.

Tier-7 citadel so all plots complete which give max xp. Clan dragon. Citadel has never been mandatory. Citadel plots are never locked and open to use as much as needed.

Clan voice chat is Discord. Use optional.

East United States based, all time zones. Chat varies from 10-55 any given time of day.

My pm is always on so happy to answer any questions. Thank you for considering Fealty Stars :)

Founding Owner

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Hello my name is Mrs Tzhaar,
as you can tell
i would like to join the clan im only a low level wishing to join a mature clan like urs
Im looking to become a skiller and help out in the citedal while socialise with the clan, if you would like to invite me or talk to me just personal message me in game
thanks for your time

24-Apr-2012 16:56:36

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