Clan Home Rules

Clan Home Forum Guide

The Clan Home forum is for clans to have their discussion thread. To help with their day to day running, each clan can have a maximum of two threads in this forum. Please only have a 2nd thread if your clan really needs it. Thanks. :)

What is the Clan Home Forum for?
  • Clan logos. Each clan can post a clan logo once in the first page of their thread.
  • Lists of enemy clans.
  • Member lists may be posted on the clanís thread
  • Names of other players may be mentioned, providing itís relevant to the current discussion and there is no flaming.
  • Clans may have their own disciplinary system, providing any disciplinary action taken against a member of the clan is done privately.
  • Linking the clanís discussion and recruitment thread by quoting a quick find code.

You may close your thread to outside posters, provided that you specify it in your rules and provide a list of people allowed to post. People may then post on your thread if:

  • You want to declare war or peace on them.
  • You want to invite them to be an ally or join a Ďunioní.
  • You want to organise an event with the clan.
  • You have been invited to join a discussion by a member of the clan.
  • You are requesting that your name is removed from their member list.
  • A compromise has to be arranged between two clans with the same name.
  • A Forum Moderator needs to post as part of their moderating duties.
  • Can I flame players from enemy clans?

    Banter is fine and expected of any forces preparing to battle each other but flaming particular members of another clan is not needed, keep the fighting to the battlefields! This is where the victories and defeats will be counted.

  • If we have our own clan website, can we advertise it to our members on the forums?

    As we canít be sure that everything on other sites is safe and suitable for the players of RuneScape, itís best to make sure you have all the needed information on events and wars posted on these forums instead.

  • I met this really cool guy in the Clan Home Forum. Can I recruit him into my clan in this forum?

    You should use the Clan Recruitment Forums to recruit new members (or you could PM him in-game).

  • My brother is evil. Can I list him on my thread as an enemy of my clan?

    Itís fine to have a list of clans that are your enemies and a list of players who arenít part of your clan and canít post in your threads or take part in events - but please donít single-out individual players in a negative way,thatíll just cause flaming.