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őĽ*║*ĽŤäŞäőĽ*║*Ľ Recruitment invitation őĽ*║*ĽŤäŞäőĽ*║*Ľ

őĽ*║*ĽŤäŞäőĽ*║*Ľ The Scourge of Rellekka őĽ*║*ĽŤäŞäőĽ*║*Ľ

The Scourge of Rellekka Is a social clan, aiming to rebuild the old clan in which we had 430+ members, and to rebuild our citadel. This application is sent to players regardless of level or skills, our main thread states 100+ that is only for our PvM side of the game! We are aiming to recreate the great community we once had, the old clan was like a family, mature and very active members with daily events, in which we hope to start again and we need your help to do so! We can offer you support and help, a mature atmosphere, with friendly players.

No mandatory Events! No mandatory citadel! But it does help if you contribute! Social Clan | Friendly | Optional Discord | Mature | Active | Skilling PvP | PvM | Everything is Optional

Our clan chat is open to everyone! so please feel free to join before joining if you want. Quick find code: 92-93-409-65974629
Suspicious feeling that togafalcon is the frog among the wolves...

22-Dec-2017 02:48:24

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