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1- Introduction

"A clan ran by the members, for the members."

At NotoriousPVM we want all of our members to strive, whether it's on improving your knowledge to the game, your skills or making that bank fat. That's why I created NotoriousPVM, so everyone wins.

We are a 100+ combat clan chat with a few requirements which will be listed below aiming to create a friendly community that can strive together. We are a mainly PVM clan but this will also be a social atmosphere with room to PVP and much more.

The clan chat is founded by people that have been playing runescape since we were children, for over 10 years now! Any questions, help with content and much more will be met with no problem.

Our goal is not to become the biggest OSRS clanchat, but to become the BEST one. We are looking to expand our numbers and will be accepting members outside of our friends list now. All that is required to join is the combat level, skill total level and a few items. Please post your application in a reply to this thread. We STRONGLY believe in quality over quantity.

Clan Chat: NotoriousPVM
Homeworld: 420
Timezones: EST, PST & many more.
Founded: October 22nd, 2018.
Application Status: OPEN
Discord: Upon Application Approval

PLEASE NOTE: We do not mind if you need help learning end game content including bossing and/or raids 1 or 2. We have specialized members that will help teach people unfamiliar with the content.

Table of Contents:
1- Introduction
2- Requirements
3- Rules
4- Ranks & Ranking Up
5- Application

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2- Requirements

Level Requirements:

Combat Level: 100+

Item Requirements:

Barrows Gloves

Fire Cape

Full Void Armor Set

Dragon Defender

Bandos Godsword OR Dragon Warhammer

ALL gear checks will be done by a higher up member at the Grand Exchange on World 420.

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3- Rules

Here at NotoriousPVM we don't have many rules, as this is a game and it's supposed to be a fun experience. Just use your common sense, you'd have to go out of your way to get in trouble here.

Rule 1- We do not tolerate racism, and all Jagex rules apply by default.

Rule 2- Do NOT beg for a rank, the leaders are very active and all the work members put in will never go unnoticed. Ranks will be given accordingly, please refer to the "Ranks" section of our discord for information on how to rank.

Rule 3- If you ever have a problem with another member please keep it out of the clan chat as much as possible, discuss it over discord or PMs.

Rule 4- No multi-clanning is permitted whatsoever, this is an obvious rule.

Rule 5- Be supportive/helpful of other members, we try to help eachother as much as possible; that's the whole point of a clan right?

Rule 6- No spamming the chat or incorrect discord channels that are meant for certain features.

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4- Ranks & Ranking Up

Below will contain information on how to rank up within our clan, hard work will never go unnoticed here at NotoriousPVM.

1) The amount you help other clan members, from teaching mechanics in PVM scenarios like GWD, Raids etc. Answering general questions or providing information in the clan chat would also be huge plus to consideration.

2) Hosting clan PVM events such as tanking a GWD room, or hosting learner raids or just raids in general within the CC. We are a primarily PVM/social clan so all PVM contributions are hugely appreciated.

3) Recruitment of members, especially people with certain attributes. We strongly believe in quality over quantity here, we would like a decent amount of very skilled players. If you recruit this will help immensely.

4) BUMPING the forums thread! This is a huge factor in the growth of the cc and our overall success! This is very, very important and will NEVER go unnoticed.

5) Verified loot splits, this helps the leaders know you can be highly trusted in loot scenarios. We have a loot-split section of the discord for every to post a screenshot of the lootsplits from cc based runs.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional information in regards to rank-up requirements and such are posted on our discord, along with much more information that isn't displayed here in general!

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5- Application

Please double check the item & level requirements before making an application, we do not make any exceptions as this is a high level PVM environment. Once a staff member has reviewed and accepted your application a gear check will take place at the Grand Exchange, World 420.

In-game Name:

Combat Level:

Total Level:

Discord Username:

Do you understand and accept the rules?:

Previous clans if any?:

If yes, please state your reasons for leaving:

Why are you looking to join a clan?:

What do you believe you offer to the clan chat that separates you from the rest?:

Lastly, how did you find out about us?

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