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20-Sep-2019 15:13:21



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Tranq said:
RevertEoC said:
Are there enough people playing rs3 to keep this going, or has it been moved to OSRS?

Yes there are enough of us still here to keep this going. So thanks for the free bump :)

Anything for a fellow Quester :)

18-Dec-2019 11:21:52

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We have absolutely no plans to migrate to OSRS.

We did consider opening an OSRS branch at one point, but to be honest too few of us play it to make that worthwhile.
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18-Dec-2019 16:29:03

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Happy Jub, I can't quite remember a lot of my previous names as I took quite a long break. i don't plan on changing my current one any time soon

Rising Sun Inn or Blue Moon in, when starting a journey it's nice to remember the root locations that I started in.




No, I hadn't been aware of the new versions so I may have completed them without knowing or have not redone them. I will look into re completing them if I haven't.

I'm a member of the Pheonix gang

I was looking through the forums for a clan as I'm looking for an active, fun group, and enjoys interaction with its members and stumbled upon yours.

I have been in a few small-term clans that needed founding members as well as the LGBT corner for a few days to a week to test the waters.



13-Jan-2020 03:12:45

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Hi, Happy Jub -

This is one of your friendly neighbourhood deputy leaders speaking.

I assume I still have the permissions and the authorisation to assess and add new members, even though I stepped down as leader - Archaeox had them back when he was Deputy. If not, I guess he can growl afterwards. :)

I've checked all your information, and can see that you have completed all the main quests and remade quests as needed.

I'll add your rank of Carouser to the Friends chat(*) (that chat I still have sole control over), and then meet you in-game to add you to the clan chat Caped Carousers.

Welcome to the group. :)


EDIT: I added Happy Jub as a member to the FC, and then they said they preferred to guest first. PIN supplied, addition to the CC not completed.

(*) The rank should have been Newbie, of course, but my brain's gone soft. Haven't fixed it yet.
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