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State Bird

State Bird

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1. Please give any previous RuneScape display names that you have used under this account: State Bird

2. What’s your favourite bar or pub in RuneScape? Toad and Chicken in the Burthorpe Games Room. Get a fine milk stout and play some games. ;)

3. Have you read the group rules on the website, and do you agree to be bound by the Carousers' Code and the disciplinary procedure? (YES/NO) Yes

4. What time zone are you in? (Please give your standard time offset from GMT.) Currently Mountain timezone GMT -6.

5. You do have a Quest Cape you can currently wear? (YES/NO) No. I still have yet to do desperate measures. Hopefully by th time you see this application, I'll have it done!

..5a.. And you've completed every current quest including the REMADE versions of 'Wolf Whistle', 'Druidic Ritual', 'Death Plateau' and 'Demon Slayer'? (YES/NO) Yes

6. Which branch of the Varrock underworld does your character belong to, the Black Arm Gang or the Phoenix Gang? Phoenix Gang

7. How (or from whom) did you hear about the Caped Carousers? RuneScape Forums :)

8. Please list any other RuneScape clans, societies, guilds, associations, unions, fraternities/sororities, clubs etc. that you have belonged to (or attempted to join) in the last 12 months. Clans: Clan Quest / SkyGuardians. FCs: Wyrmbands, Wbs United (Warbands)

9. Do you agree that if you ever prefer to resign from the group you will post a notice of resignation in the Caped Carousers' private clan forum or the Recruitment thread, rather than simply vanishing from the Clan Chat? (YES/NO) Yes

10. Has a current member of the group agreed to support your application? If so, who? (This is not required but may assist in your being accepted.) Not that I know of.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

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