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Riku Shadows

Riku Shadows

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* Citizen Application •

Current Username: riku shadows
Previous usernames:brac magican
What is your member status (P2P/F2P)?:p2p
Have you read ALL the Kingdom Laws?:yes
Did you leave a clan less than 7 days ago (if so, how many days)*:no
How did you find our POC clan?:i was in the clan 2 years ago and quite rs because someone hacked me
What is your Clan experience?*: eof (years and years ago) and kov
Did someone recruit you; and if so what was their username? no

10-Jul-2017 17:24:09

Cucco Chaser
Dec Member 2008

Cucco Chaser

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Riku Shadows

Thank you for taking the time to apply to the Kingdom of Varrock! You have completed a satisfactory application, so its my pleasure to welcome you to the oldest PoC in existence! Please remember our home world is 83, and our Clan Chat Channel is 'Kingdom of Varrock'.

We've a variety of wonderful organizations to get involved with here in our PoC, all of which are listed on our Private Forums inside the Clan Directory.

RUNESCAPE | News | Game Info | Community | Forum | Play Now |
............................................| Support
............................................| Clans ‹------ Click Here

Search for 'Kingdom of Varrock' and click on the first result to enter our Clan Homepage. If you are already a member, you will be taken to our front page automatically.

Please contact either a Royal (key) or Lord (gold target) to be invited into the Kingdom.

~ signed

~Rnoy Samuele Neverwinter, Recruitment Lord~
Cucco Chaser

"He don't look like no cucco chaser to me. Then again, I ain't never met one before."

10-Jul-2017 17:25:02

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