The Nihilists (Ironman Clan)

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Exiled Nihil
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Exiled Nihil

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The Nihilists

An Ironman only clan, that focuses on accumulating our collective knowledge that leads to the path with the least resistance for our Ironman Accounts.

We are a friendly, mature clan ready and willing to accept all Ironman players who are interested in joining our growing community. Several of are members do ED3 trash runs for experience and gold and are more than willing to take you along. They are also are quite skilled at training others boss mechanics.

What we do.

PVM Training
Skilling Guides
ED3 Trash & Token Runs


HCIM or Ironman

Contact us.

You can either PM:
Exiled Nihil

We look forward to hearing from you and we thank you for considering us.
Exiled Nihil

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The Recruitment - Social & Community Clans Forum is for clans that have no requirements for joining. As your clan specializes in ironman accounts, it has been moved to the Recruitment - Specialist, Questing & Minigames Clans Forum for best results.

(Your previous thread in the Recruitment - Under 100 Combat Clans Forum has now been closed as a duplicate.)

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