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Iron men may stand alone, but let us help you make that experience a little less lonely.

Who are we?

IronHub is a growing iron-man community clan founded on the idea that although we are meant to stand alone, everyone could use a little help. We strive to provide a helpful, non-toxic community that is seen as welcoming to all that may join.

Information about the Clan

Ą Clan was founded early December, 2020.
Ą Founders: MrMelody, Kev II, Bean BTW & KaptanNemo
Ą Discord link available upon request
Ą We are in all timezones
Ą Home world: 92

Table of Contents:

1. Rules of the clan

2. Information for guests

3. Application form

4. Reserved

5. Reserved

Rules of the Clan

1. Please follow the in-game rules as laid out by Jagex, this includes but is not limited to all things found in the in-game report screen.

Please be respectful of eachothers religions, races, and political beliefs, even if they are not your own.

3. Please be an ironman, this is the one and only true requirement of the clan.

Information for guests

Our clan chat is always open for those curious and interested in stopping by to see what we are all about, we are a small but growing clan and encourage you to come and see if we are your cup of tea.

The only thing we ask of guests is that you also abide by the rules laid out by the clan.

Our clanchat is " IronHub

Application form:

Ą Total Level:
Ą Names of alternate accounts?:
Ą How did you find out about us? -
Ą What is your goal in joining us? -
Ą Anything you'd like us to know about you? -
Ą Do you have any questions about us?
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