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Dat Bluee
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Dat Bluee

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Papi Juan,

You have been accepted into the Legends of Divine Justice clan. We look forward to meeting you soon. Some of our guidelines are listed below as a reminder that you will need to follow:

•Follow The Rules.
•Respect Others.
•Be Active.
•Muti-Clanning isn't Allowed Unless It Is One Of The Following:
-God Wars Dungeon Clan.
-Mini-Game Clan.
-D&D Clans.
-Dungeoneering Clan.

•Please contact me or any other members of the recruitment team for an invite to the clan channel

You may find it easier to guest in the cc " L O D J" and look for a key rank or one of the gold/silver crosses as they can invite to. Otherwise depending on your time zone you can add me, Topher, Tigoko or a hardman ingame

24-Nov-2018 12:47:34

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Welcome to the clan :) i am unsure if you were able to get invited to the CC yet. I may have relocked cc as i didnt check forums before hand and wondered why it was opened. :( Apologies in advanced. :(((

Make sure to have Dat Bluee added, A Day late, Tigoko, Topher, Nick 119 should be able to invite you as well if you still need.
LODJ RS3 Division
LODJ OSRS Division

29-Nov-2018 05:21:48

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