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Sempi Samm
Sep Member 2021

Sempi Samm

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coming back after a long long original account had a name not an e-mail for log in and was high enough I could stand in a bank for a night and not loose ground to people lol.
I am friendly and older. slow typing but love working in a group . the last clan i was apart of was like going home. can you accept me for what i am probably forgot more then you'll ever know, lol. not able to pvp handy capped.

26-Sep-2021 19:22:09

Alex Ashes
Mar Member 2021

Alex Ashes

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We are a friendly clan that enjoys to PVM. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that promotes teaching others and sharing in experiences together. If you’re interested in becoming a part of something special, please feel free to guest in our clan “Idiots”.

Once you’ve determined you’d like to join the clan, please ask anyone Corporal+ for an invite.

We look forward to meeting you.

Idiots Recruiting Forum
Alex Ashes#0001

Discord Link:

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Fatal Zanik
Jun Member 2021

Fatal Zanik

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Welcome back to Gielinor Sempi Samm! A lot has changed since you've last played! While a lot of the old methods you remember might still work, they probably arent the most efficient way to train so consult the Wiki often! You should come check out The Gladiatorz! We have a friendly group of players that are more than happy to help a returning player! If you decide to join you will also get 2 Mentors that can help with any questions you have! Feel free to guest our CC and say hi!

"Greatness is forever"

A preview of our events

About us:

» Oldest active clan in Runescape
» An active, relaxed and mature clan
» International member base, 24/7 activity
» Aim to interact and develop meaningful friendships
» Work to make our members' Runescape experience more enjoyable

What we offer:

» A Homeworld, W39
» Off-site forums and a voice chat server
» Tier 7 Citadel
» Loyalty ranks and teams to join
» Two mentors for all new members' first month in clan
» Players with advanced knowledge of the game offering advice to all
» PvM: Raids, Vorago, AoD and various other PvM events including teaching events
» Skilling/PvM Comps with in-game prizes, voice chat based events (Karoke, CAH etc)


» Check out our recruitment thread by clicking here
» You are welcome to guest in our clan chat any time
» Send me or our leaders Deathcon & Bleedblack a PM
» Apply at our off-site forums. Google "The Gladiatorz" or check out the pic below for url

More Info Here

26-Sep-2021 20:33:46

x0 Ryan
Apr Member 2016

x0 Ryan

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Come PvM in a non elitist environment!

Amicable is a helpful, experienced & knowledgeable clan that regularly hosts PvM events for veterans and learners alike

Get to know us a little

- 2000 total level requirement to join - a clan of high level players!
- Players from around the world, active at all hours
- Raids every two days!
- Reaper help!
- Regular team forming for: Solak, AoD, Vorago, Raids, RoTS, Raksha, Elite Dungeons
- Learner friendly, non toxic environment


Tell me more!

- Established in August, 2021
- Active Discord voice chat, come hang out!

- New clan - help build our future!
- Did I mention that WE TEACH BOSSES!
- Any role, any boss, any time
- Laid back, chill environment
- Home world: 66

If you like to PvM, if you're eager to learn, or if you're just a chill dude/dudette,
is probably the clan for you. Come hang out!

26-Sep-2021 21:04:24

Mar Member 2018


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~~Trash Pandas~~

We are a community clan looking to welcome new members! We offer monthly competitions, frequent in game activities and events and love helping each other with everything from skilling to killing and all the quests in between! We have an active Discord where members can connect as well. Feel free to ask for an invite or guest and meet our awesome members! Find us running around World 1!

US Based - CST
Tier 7 Citadel (capping not mandatory)
Requirements: 1250 Total Level and a positive attitude!
HomeWorld: 1

Group Bossing
Advice from Veteran Players
Elite Dungeons
Skill Together
Fun Events
Accepting of All

27-Sep-2021 01:01:01

Please Load
Mar Member 2018

Please Load

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, I am the Owner of
Maximum Effort!
I have over 10 years of

Clan ownership experience and am looking for a very tight knit group of clan mates that are

more than just that. My vision is to build a
who is glad to help each other improve. I

personally am in the EST time zone, but I play all hours of the day depending on my work

There are some members already in the clan from other time zones and I am

currently trying to keep the trend going!
My end-game is to have people online during

hours of the day to enjoy each others company and train/kill together!

27-Sep-2021 08:43:37

Please Load
Mar Member 2018

Please Load

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You are formally invited to join
Maximum Effort

About us

We are a newly created, very active clan who enjoys all aspects of Runescape - from Skilling, Killing, to laughing! With over 10 years of Clan ownership experience, we believe that you will be more than satisfied with the professionalism of our administration and friendships you will make along the way!

Our goal is to create a fun, relaxing community where everybody feels welcome! Our members can expect daily/weekly clan events that are well rounded to each account type.
Maximum Effort
will have members located all across the globe so there should be someone to Skill/Kill with at all times!

Member Count | 52

Founded | 08/20/2021

World | 117

Timezone | Global

Citadel |
Tier 2
Will progress as the clan grows!

Discord |

If you have any questions or would like to know more about
Maximum Effort
, please feel free to private message our administrative staff (RSN: Please Load, Dan GB, DGB UK, Ashhleyy, or Skill Please)!

Our chat is
open to guests, so come in and have a chat before making your decision!

Thank you for taking your time to read this; We hope to see you soon as one of our newest recruits!
Sincerely, Please Load (Owner)

»-»-»-»-»-»-Maximum Effort-«-«-«-«-«-«

27-Sep-2021 08:43:44

May Member 2018


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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Aventus is a international clan full of helpful, experienced & knowledgeable players that regularly hosts both PvM and skilling events for veterans and learners alike.
If you're a social, pvmer or willing to learn and just want a nice relaxed environment to enjoy the game with then Aventus is the clan for you. Come check us out!

What do we offer?

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
- Tier 7 Citadel & Avatar Boost
- Consistent Raids every two days!
- Regular clan events that people of all levels can enjoy!
- Learner friendly, non elitist and non toxic environment
- Daily bossing, teaching, team forming and reaper crew help!
- Regular team forming for: Elite Dungeons, Solak, Vorago, Raksha, Raids, AOD and ROTS

Want to know more about us?!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
- We were Established in May, 2019
- Consistently in the top 50 clans in xp gains
- Laid back, chill environment
- We love to teach new bosses!
- Home world: 117

How do I join?

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
- Must have a total level of 2000!
- To join the clan, guest in our clan chat Aventus!
- Must have a positive mindset and remember to have fun!
- You can also join our discord server, make sure to follow the rules of the server to get full access!

Come PvM in a non-elitist clan with a group of players who put pride in providing an environment full of nothing but good vibes!

27-Sep-2021 12:01:19

Aug Member 2009


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Hi Sempi Samm!

Welcome back to the game! Perhaps starting with a fresh account is a good idea actually, so you can explore the new updates from the start. I think you'd like my clan, Clowder (this means 'group of cats').

We are a social/community clan with 65 members. We'll always stay on the smaller side (max 80ish members) so if that's something you're interested in, we might be the clan for you. Aside from RuneScape chats we also have a Discord clan server. Joining it is not mandatory but I do recommend it very much: we share pictures there, the events schedule, links to useful guides and all clan information is packed nicely in one place. Nothing in our clan is mandatory, but we do host around 10 events every week to help plan get-togethers if that's something you'd be interested in. Our members are from European and American time zones and we're all at least over 18. Most of us are nearing their 30s or in their early 30s and we have a couple of (grand)parents aboard as well.

If you think this might be the right clan for you, feel free to reach out to me or visit us as a guest. I hope to see you around!
Dedicated Feline Enthusiast
Proud owner of Clowder Community clan - open to all friendly P2P individuals!

27-Sep-2021 13:02:04

Ms aASHSteel
Oct Member 2004

Ms aASHSteel

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We cordially invite you to join The AFKers!

If you are looking for;

Non-elitist, non-arrogant, non-boastful environment
Helpful community
Respectful atmosphere
Then we are your go-to hub!

About The AFKers

The AFKers is a clan open to absolutely everyone! There are no combat/total level requirements.
Only Requirement:

Gain a total of 1 Million experience per month.

We simply seek peaceful, respectful, and friendly players who love RS, and also love to AFK ^.^
We offer clan Discord and ask for all members to join if able.
I•I Mobile Friendly , AFK While @ Work!! I•I
Citadel capping is not required but highly appreciated!
Open for guests at any time, Join “The AFKers” in game clan chat.
Still growing clan, which makes it the perfect opportunity to join and grow with us while getting to know everyone!

If interested in us, please join our CC for an invite, or add/speak to any of the Staff or
Ms aASHSteel - Palmetto Rob

Quick find code: 290-291-399-66095987

Hope to see you soon!

Finally Maxed: 5/17/15
:P <3
Proud Founder of The AFKers

27-Sep-2021 13:35:03

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