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Welcome to the Knights of Nobility

Everyone is family here and we try our hardest to strive for the best in the world of Geilinor. When it comes to bossing, skilling, events, or just plain chit chatting, we are here to help out and get busy!

In this clan, we have ranking systems to help organize and keep everything with a sense of fluidity. We are over 90 members growing strong and hoping that you will join us in helping reach our goal.

Of course there are some requirements, but it is because we want to make sure, that you are active in the clan. 90+ Combat level to apply, and strictly members. Citadel work, is definitely a must as well, because we want to make sure that everyone can benefit from each other. We also ask that you just be respectful and helpful when you can be.

We hop to see you guys

26-Sep-2021 20:59:42

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