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I'm Leader of ROTN Clan. My clan, Riders Of The North, is a new community focused clan. Since we're still new we're pretty small, and we're all pretty approachable! We love helping each other out. So if you have questions about how the game works now, we'd be happy to assist. We run some events, like penguin hide-and seek, skilling together, and will be adding more soon. But none of that is mandatory if you just want to focus on your own thing while chatting in cc. To join, just come guest in our cc. I hope you'll consider us!

We currently have 90 members!

There is NO requirements to join, anyone is welcome! I will not force anyone to do their cap at the citadel but it will be announced weekly. but I would kindly appreciate if everyone could cap every week!

Why Join us?

Citadel Tier: 3
Make friends with everyone in the clan
Helping each other out
Friendly and active Discord channel
Some clan events
Friendly clan chat

Things we do:

- Penguin Hide and Seek
- ED2/ED3
- Drop Parties
- Bossing
- Discord giveaways
and much more!

If this clan doesn't fit your needs, I thank you for taking your time in reading this post. Your always welcome to join our clan chat at anytime as a guest! For more information please click the "
Join Us
Riders Of The North

Join Us

23-Sep-2021 17:32:41

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