Recruitment - Looking for a Clan Rules

Recruitment -- Looking For a Clan Forum Guide

Hi there!

Are you looking for a clan?! Do you need other adventurers to help you on your quests?!…If so then this is the forum for you!! No longer do you need to wander the realms of RuneScape alone or be slaughtered by monstrous beasties! :O

What is the Looking for a clan Forum for?

This forum is here for players to advertise that they are looking for a clan. It is also the place to advertise your skills so that clans who are focused on the same areas can find you easily.

  • Can I give out my name and e-mail so that I can be contacted outside of the forums?

    Giving out any personal details like name, age, or e-mail could compromise your own safety as well as that of your account so it is best to keep any information you give out to your skills in-game as this is the information that counts!

  • Can I flame players from enemy clans?

    Banter is fine and expected of any forces preparing to battle each other but flaming particular members of another clan is not needed, keep the fighting to the battlefields! This is where the victories and defeats will be counted.

  • If we have our own clan website, can we advertise it to our members on the forums?

    Because we cannot be sure that everything on other sites is safe and suitable for the players of RuneScape, it is best to make sure you have all the needed information on events and wars posted on these forums.

  • Can we organise events for members in this forum?

    For any clan-related discussions there is the Clan Community forum.

  • If I have a RuneScape feud with another player, can I make sure my new clan does not allow them to join up?

    Fighting side by side in a clan war could be the best way to deal with any issues you have with another player. Who is the better fighter and tactician for example :D?

  • If I have left a clan, can I suggest to other players that they don’t join it?

    Although that clan may have not worked out for you, it may be what other players are looking for. Focus on your new clan and make it great so that players want to join!