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Do you need help? Do you like helping others? There is a discord for that.

Created on 29 December 2018, my discord has two main objectives. To help others and to keep out toxic people. We aim to help people with the best of our knowledge. I can't guarantee being able to answer 100% of the questions, but we will try to.
We are also looking for players with enough Runescape3 knowledge to join us and help out answering questions as well, as I am unavailable when I'm sleeping or busy.

Apart from helping people, we are also toxic free. Let's face it, most social platforms (not just discord) are filled with toxic people, and the rules usually only kick/ban them if it gets too out of hand. This method does not get rid of all the toxicity. My discord's plan is to completely remove them to the best I can.

Please note that this discord is for RuneScape 3, not Old School RuneScape.
My discord RS3 AntiToxic Helpful Community is currently looking for members and helpers! This discord is dedicated to helping players in Runescape 3, whether you are new or old. Feel free to join if you need help, or if you want to help. Replies are usually quick.

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This is a great idea. Good way to bring a new community together and make new friends. Awesome to see players who wanna help new players learn the game. Best of luck with your discord! Hey guys! Feel free to add me in-game!

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