Palm Tree help plz

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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I harvested my 7 palm trees per normal but I left them as
is so I could pick them again the next day

However when I checked them there were NO COCONUTS available.

I read the WIKI and it said there is a 40 minute time period for a coconut to respawn but NONE did.

Do you have to be in-game to have them respawn?

Seems like I've never had this happen before and i harvested lots of coconuts for my own use.

To only get 1 harvest seems kinda brutal to get lots by letting the tree respawn.

Any help appreciated.


08-Oct-2021 18:06:15

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Seen this thread for a while now, I wish I could help. I suppose one way you could find out is to just experiment and see if it's true.

Check if they respawn after 40 minutes of in-game time, and check again if they do when you're offline (check the other trees too).

If this never happened before, and it's an one off thing, then maybe it was a bug which you can report with the in-game bug reporter. Otherwise perhaps it's intentional and it was updated/changed recently.
Happy to help!
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