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I will be working my slayer skill hard soon. It is presently lvl 111. I have pretty good combat skills and some fair armour/weapons. I'm specifically interested in using the cannon in this wherever possible. I have all 3 types of cannons and all have been upgraded as much as they each can be. I also have plenty of cannonballs.

What I've been looking for is a "list" of which slayer monsters the cannon could be most useful with. I do know cannons are situational; and it would need to be "allowed" in that particular fighting arena; and I do know "many" monsters (like dagganoths) that can be killed easily in groups would be good to use a cannon with. I also know I can "test" each assignment I get to find out if one of the cannons I have would be helpful there...maybe like the Karamja dungeon (except for addy dragons). This is about my limit on understanding what to use the cannon with during slayer tasks.

I'm posting here to see if anyone can help:
1. Maybe you've had experiences and know where to use one of the 3 types of cannons with particular monsters and in particular arenas.
2. Maybe you know where on wiki I might find a "list" identifying what monsters it would be good to use cannons with.

Any help/information/suggestions would be welcomed. Even can contact me in game if you want.
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