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I personally haven't used a cannon in many years though out of hope that it does help, perhaps just stick with whatever that monster is weak to?

I just looked on the wikipedia and sure enough there are 3 different types so if you are to use them in any way I'd probably do it like this:

Oldak Coil (magic) - use on melee enemies
Kinetic Cyclone (melee) - use on range enemies
Dwarf Multicannon (range) - use on mage enemies.

This is just following the combat triangle:
Mage is strong to melee, weak to range.
Melee is strong to range, weak to mage.
Range is strong to Mage, weak to melee.

As you're level 111 slayer I fear that I've just mansplained (sorry!) but I think that's really it, I've seen setups like that on slayer tasks though never tried it myself.

Good luck slaying!

12-Oct-2021 17:58:39

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