Branches of Darkmeyer quest???

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I'm in the middle of the Branches of Darkmeyer quest and need some help or suggestions. I got to the puzzle where you have to give the tree what it needs (Water, nutrition, light, etc.) and whenever I pull the level it basically freezes the game? It's even during the pizzle, it's mid-level pull. I can hear the sound effects of the game in the background, but can't click on anything, move the camera around, or anything else. It's just frozen. I've tried to logout, close the application, and restart my computer, but nothing is working. Any suggestions??

30-May-2021 02:58:35

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I am having the same exact issue currently. I pull the lever and the screen goes black with the RS logo saying the map is loading. It never progresses past that point and I have done everything you have done, including leaving Darkmeyer completely and coming back. Guess I will try leaving Morytania and coming back in. Did this issue ever get resolved for you?

20-Jun-2021 21:49:01

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I am having this same issue with that part of the quest as well. I just found out if you press the esc key it will work itself out.

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As far as I remember switching to Legacy combat & interface mode should also fix this. Life is like a camera: Just focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out, take another shot!

03-Sep-2021 15:49:32

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