I'm in desperate need for help

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Hey all,

I've been farming the Magister's Journals for MQC (I'm 103 Slayer - so no, I can't kill the actual boss unfortunately).

1200 kills on corrupted creatures, and 1500 kills on Salawa Akh soul devourers (using wild pies) - and I've only gotten the 1st journal. What's crazy to me, is that everyone I spoke to (clanmates and random people) said they all got their journals within 3-4k kills. I've about 3k in with 1 journal?

- I know the journals only continue dropping if you read the previous - which I have read multiple times.

- I am using a Lorehound

- I am doing this off-task

Any advice for a noob? Am I missing something? I've been at this for hours and getting really tired of just killing shit without any book drops. It's crazy.


22-Sep-2021 03:39:57

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Hi there, just to verify:

1. Have you checked your bank?
2. Have you checked your POH bookcase?
3. Make sure you read all of the pages of the previous journal

3k kills with just one journal sounds like really bad luck. They should not be that rare.

23-Sep-2021 17:19:31

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Not sure this is related. I've killed thousands of soul devouerers, all on task , and have not gotten a soul from any of them. I sent a bug report. I just think they have a coding bug . As for the journals I also have yet to get it

26-Sep-2021 10:18:13

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