how to remove stat boosts

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You can visit the RuneScape Wiki, as under '
Game Guide
' in the above website bar as I think you are looking for '
Vic the Trader
'. I guess!!!
He will trade credits for bonus experience for the first week following his release.

23-Sep-2021 07:31:03

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Hi there, I believe the only way to restore boosted skills to normal is by equipping and then removing the Super dominion medallion. Providing you have one, of course. The only other way I can think of is dying.

23-Sep-2021 17:02:50

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Well time is your friend here, as the boosted lvls runs out (goes down 1 lvl at a time) if that helps.

Or you could go meet the zorge (attack 1) and get hit by there curse, but that hits ramdon skills and when the lvls you want down is down, drink the cure (if q done) and a restore potion.

1 more option go to the entrys to GWD1 and stand out in the open before going in and see you lvls go down (think they still do that)

24-Sep-2021 09:24:18

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