how to mage a rabbit

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I'm wielding an air battlestaff, and trying to mage a level 1 rabbit. And I can't hit it. I have no idea if I have done something with the settings.

I have tried to sheathe and unsheathe the battlestaff.
I have gone to settings, combat mode and selected revolution.
I have gone to settings , combat xp, and selected magic and defence exp in the magic slot.
I have tried to select an air spell.

What do I have to do to kill a rabbit with magic?

Edit: I just took everything off I was wearing and now I can kill a rabbit. I don't see the sense in that.

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From memory, if you're wearing an armor that's not hybrid or magic (or whichever style you have the weapon of) it will give you an accuracy penalty. wear enough and you may be unable to hit.

That's my assumption to why you were unable to mage the rabbit at any rate.

25-Sep-2021 00:36:39

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