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OzzyisGod said:
Are there any guides, or an FC to guest in, to help me get started hunting dinos??? Runehq and Runewiki, don't have guides up yet, either.

I don't know if there are any specific friends chats out there or guides so to speak on the forums, but wiki certainly have a guide up now! YouTube is also a brilliant place to look as a lot of the players in the community create video guides :)
Miss Misty
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12-Oct-2019 11:30:49

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Category(Ranged, Quest-Related, etc.): Slayer
Slayer point farming
Author: Corder (myself)
Summary: Points are used a lot for skipping tasks and buy Reaper unlocks, hence it's not too uncommon for a player to look up ways to get these points in a fast and easy manner.
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