Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Enhancing Combat and PVP

Hi. I've compiled a page of ideas created by others and myself that I believe will enhance combat and improve the state of PVP.

Please also check out The New Wild (instanced) - The current wilderness will not be changed. The New Wild is a vastly improved and creative addition to the game.

Removing RNG from PVP (new mechanics)

This would not affect PVM hit calculations. PVM won't change.
The initial idea was created by someone else on the forums, I can't remember who. I have taken the idea, made changes and further developed it.

- Players will always have a 100% hit chance in PVP, regardless of stats or gear.
(Exceptions exist only when spells or abilities are used to block damage).

- Abilities and special attacks will have their minimum and maximum damage equalized, just like what the Equilibrium Aura does, only more intense.

- Damage reduction, block chance, armour values, defence level and defence boosting effects (eg def pots) will all merge into one dynamic calculation: damage reduction.

- Weapon accuracy, weapon damage, combat stat levels and boosting effects will remain beneficial. The role of accuracy will change, so that it is now used to penetrate the opponent’s damage reduction. For each point of accuracy, 0.5 of the opponent’s total armour will be penetrated, lowering their damage reduction.


Someone with 99 defence and full Achto will have a 60% damage reduction in PVP. An opponent with 99 attack and a Nox would effectively halve that to 30%, due to accuracy/armour penetration.

Someone with 1 defence and full bronze will have about a 0.6% damage reduction. An opponent with 1 attack and a bronze weapon would reduce that to 0.3%. An opponent with 10 attack and an iron weapon would reduce that to 0%.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Removing RNG from PVP - Explained

This also means that if a player has poor armour (eg a ragger or 1 itemer), an opposing strong weapon will penetrate their total armour completely, (reducing the damage reduction to 0%). Currently a 1 itemer with 99 defence will always have a 9.9% damage reduction in PVP, which will no longer be the case with this change.

Damaging abilities and special attacks are equalized by adding the minimum hit with the maximum hit, then halving that sum.

Take wild magic for example. It has a range of 50-215% ability damage per hit. Upon equalization, each hit of wild magic would always be about 133% ability damage.

Always hitting the exact same amounts will probably become monotonous. Perhaps having just a small amount of RNG would remove that monotony. A variation of up to 20% would be alright, so in the case of wild magic, it could have a damage variation of 123-143% ability damage per hit.

Only these two damaging abilities won’t be changed:

- Balanced strike, as it deals damage based on health percentages.
- Reprisal, as it deals damage based on damage taken.

Special attacks can remain wildly unpredictable on legacy worlds only!

The combat triangle advantage will no longer be based on RNG. I like this. I don’t like the current “rock-paper-scissors” RNG model in PVP.

If desired, each class could get a 5% damage buff against opponents that are below them on the triangle (eg melee gets a 5% damage buff fighting rangers) - this will be based on the weapon's each player is using, to make it easy for players to understand and simple to develop. This is just a way to keep the combat triangle, as players might like to maintain it. I wouldn’t mind if the combat triangle was discontinued in PVP. Abilities should give the classes each their own unique niches and advantages, not RNG.

I’d like to thank Jack Flac for sparking my imagination on page 7.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Untradeables on death in the wilderness need a rework!

It is so irritating having to run all throughout Gielinor to buy back/re-obtain your untradable items when you lose them in the wilderness. Here is my solution:

Mandrith wants to encourage your pking by making item reclaims STRESS-FREE ^_^

For example: if you die in the wilderness with a fire cape, 100k gp drops for your opponent, and your fire cape gets sent to Mandrith. He will sell it back to you for 100k. This will include all non-tradeables used to pk with, with varying prices depending on the items tier.

I want to make this clear: I dont want this service to be a money sink, when you die with untradable items, your opponent will get the exact coin stack required to reclaim them from mandrith. Money sinking is a hindrance to pvp that should END!

I understand that my proposed idea has potential for abuse and here is my solution:

If you lose an untradable item and have not paid Mandrith the reclaim fee, all further deaths with this specific item will award your opponent the current in-game "untradable item converted-to-coin" drop on death. This will prevent untradeables being farmed for GP.

Examples of untradeables:
Ava's accumulator, fire cape, tok-haar capes, mage arena god capes, god books, korasi sword, fighter torso/barb gear, warpriest, void, blisterwood, surgeon ring, 6th age circuit, excalibur, balmung, barrel chest anchor, dungeoneering gear such as ring of vigour/amulet of zealots/brawler necklace chaotic gear, blood fury necklace, treasure hunter tier-changeable weapons/armour, lunar gear. ETC

Not only does this solve the hassle of retrieving your items, it also makes pking said items profitable.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Penance armour
sets are incomplete. Complete this pvp set for all 3 classes. Allow its tier to be changeable from t40, up to t75. Penance armour should only require defence to wear. For some reason, additional requirements such as 50 strength/ranged/magic have been added - which are stats relating to weapons, not armour.

Update the
Warrior's Guild
, remove the 130 attack+strength requirement and add an npc which can convert the lower level defenders to ranged/magic equivalents.

Introduce 2h shields (similar to defenders)!

unnecessary shared cooldown. Reg* Excalibur activation bug

An issue with augmented items and death in the wilderness. Fixed!
Augmented item + death in wild

Original message details are unavailable.
Players dying to non-pvp combat within the wilderness will no longer have their augmented items instantly deleted.


Cursed Energy. Solved.

Poll combat XP blocking.
(this would work as a toggle, just like how there is currently a toggle to not get XP from PVP).
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Stoic n Vain

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Onslaught (melee change)

Currently, all your opponent has to do is walk one square to render this ultimate ability completely useless for players using melee. Make it so melee users follow their opponent when using the onslaught ability (like assault does). Currently it's far too easy for onslaught to be interrupted.

Either that, or have it so onslaught does not go by your weapon's reach as melee (you can cast it at a distance, just like mage/range can).


I saw a thread about debilitate, created by dEtOnAtE. He mentioned that most defensive abilities have a 100% chance of working, with the exceptions of bash and debilitate. I really love how your defensive abilities for the most part, don’t require RNG and instead require skill and timing.

He had a video of a friend anticipating his opponent's following large burst of damage by using his debilitate ability. It missed, and he died instantly, from full health. I feel that this is unfair and debilitate should have a 100% hit chance, in line with defence’s other abilities.
(the above text will be made redundant if "Removing RNG from PVP" is implemented)

Archmage MC said:Archmage MC said:
Some skills feel very clunky with the Runescape combat system due to needing to wait for your GCD to finish before you can use them where other games would have them off the GCD so you can react to something your opponent does.

I'm talking about defensive skills like Freedom. To make the game flow better and not feel as clunky, reactive skills like this should have their adrenaline addition removed and be taken off the GCD. It would make PvP far more fun and the like and allow you to have more 'snappy' bosses/boss mechanics.
Provoke can now be used during the global cooldown and oh boy, how well it works!
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Mej said:
"When switching a weapon or armour piece, all thresholds and ultimates go on a global cooldown- you can still use a basic immediately after switching."

I really like this idea as currently in pvp, you don't have time to react when your opponent's items are switched. If you HAD to use at least one basic ability after switching a weapon, your opponent would actually have a chance of defending themselves against the upcoming more powerful abilities, strong stuns in particular. If you can't react, you can't develop a proper strategy (current strat is to just always have a damage reducing ability active, if freedom is on CD).

Offensive/Defensive Ambidexterity

Idea created by I ate all.
I ate all said:
Defensive abilities work on a GCD separate from offensive abilities and can be used simultaneously with them, but basic abilities do not produce adrenaline.
Stoic n Vain said:
If you do an offensive ability and a defensive ability on the same tick, probably one of the animations will take priority and therefore one of the abilities used may be unknown to the opponent.
I ate all said:
"Buff" hitsplats in PvP that show when a defensive ability is used, like when your opponent uses Anticipation the Anticipation icon appears alongside hitsplats on them. For the duration of the ability, it appears as a buff above their head (much like how Airuts show the defensive buff icon when at low health).
Stoic n Vain said:
As you said, players will be able to react instantly, rather than having to wait for their GCD to finish when using vital defensives. Shield users will get a much needed damage boost from the bash ability, as it can be used in conjunction with an offensive ability. Shield users wouldn't have to sacrifice DPS abilities in order to use defensive abilities.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Pvp made more rewarding by Galahad Sir

"It's a
based on:

damage done

damage blocked
(which means you get more rewards if your opponent tries)
damage avoided by abilities
(again the more they try, the more abilities like e.g. Debilitate reduce damage)

The trick to having enough people is to make the rewards good enough, and fairly distributed enough, that
everyone, good or bad, sees it as a way to profit


As it currently stands, it is more logical for everyone to not use bandages in order to maximise kills/points, which in the end, encourages boosting. The point system needs to be reworked so that boosting no longer makes playing properly redundant/way inferior. A method such as tracking damage taken/blocked, awarding the opponent points, rather than kills being the only decider of how many points a player gets could be an idea for a solution.

Death match does not reward the players who are bad at pvp. If a player is bad at pvp, they will kill no one and therefore, receive 0 points. Sometimes they’ll get an assist.
This is a disincentive that will ultimately reduce the number of players willing to play/willingness to learn pvp. I’d suggest everyone at least get a few “participation” points from each game.

When a veteran kills a noob, they can just go bank and get more bandages. Rinse and repeat. The noob will never kill the veteran, therefore no points ever awarded for the noob.
Reward the noobs.... reward the veterans significantly more, then everyone is willing to play.

Summoning is not used in Deathmatch. Why then is summoning level contributing to combat level, make it 126+12 please! Fixed!

Add BH rewards to mobs in wild by Terror Dogs
This has now been done via wilderness slayer.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Stoic n Vain

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Take a break

Add "PVP minigame" to daily challenges.
Description: Play one whole round of a PVP minigame. (Soul Wars, Fist of Guthix, Castle Wars, Death Match). Reward: 1 treasure hunter key and 50 thaler.
This will hopefully increase PVP minigame activity.

-----in the process of updating these-----

Old issues that I'm yet to test:

Opponent’s health bar in pvp doesn’t update fast enough. I can deal a lot of damage, look at my opponent’s health bar and it hasn’t changed at all. This needs to be fixed.

Also related ^ buffs are not shown accurately, I can count to ten after my opponent has used anticipation and then stun them, while the anticipation icon is still being shown on my opponent’s buff list… that’s not accurate…

When I switch action bars (shift+3), it will also toggle the ability I have set as 3 (which is currently bash). I sometimes want to switch quickly to my shield ability bar to resonance an incoming large hit... but when I switch bar and try to resonance, I’m already doing a bash (and therefore have a 2 second global cooldown). I often get killed due to this issue...
Action bar binding would fix this, but they don't have a main hand+shield equipment action bar bind currently.

Do you still get combat xp for killing a player’s familiar, even when "block pvp xp" is toggled?

Do you still get magic xp when casting teleblock, weaken, confuse, vengeance etc on a player even when block pvp xp is toggled?
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Why is it that snipe is the only prayer dropping ability that takes time to cast?
Also, prayer drops seem a bit overpowered. I think they should all be like snipe and take time to cast so that the opponent can prepare. Perhaps melee being the only exception... since it has the disadvantage of reach versing casters, this can make up for that.

Add "risk all" and "+1 item" worlds

Healing with food/bandages and changing equipped items stops your combat initiation.
This is most noticeable when you are melee, fighting a range/mage that is constantly running whilst attacking you. Since they are damaging you, you need to heal. Every time you heal, your attacks discontinue and you briefly stop running. This makes it impossible to retaliate with the exception of the occasional barge once every 20 seconds.

Healing and equipment changes need to be fixed, so that it does not interrupt combat and you can continue fighting, even when your opponent is running.
This is completely broken, and I don’t see melee users enjoying pvp to its fullest until it's fixed.

before EOC, you would pause to shoot/cast at your opponent, giving them a chance to catch up each time you attacked.

Now in EOC, you can fire abilities without ever needing to stop running (with the exception of snipe and combo abilities). This means that melee has a severe disadvantage. The "pause" should be fixed. If you eat something, you should continue chasing and auto attacking your opponent, so that you aren't continually out of range while being damaged and kited.

Confirmed issues that still exist

Many melee abilities won’t work at all when chasing an enemy player (eg shield bash), this needs to be addressed.

Movement abilities do not work in the duel arena. I know there was a bug where the player could move using movement abilities during a "no movement" duel. This should be fixed by disallowing said abilities in no movement duels only.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Make it so all hits land while "chasing", using Assault.

Could extreme potions be made to reapply the boost, like overloads do? I love the reapply effect of overloads, but sometimes I just want one or two stats buffed as such and don't need the effect of all 5 extreme potions at once. It then seems unnecessarily wasteful to use.

Make it so gear does not degrade in PVP, with the exception of death - where items with charge are untradable. Items that lose charge in this death process should also drop the least amount of coins a player could have possibly spent in order to charge that item to that % of charge. An example: If a player was using a Dharok's platebody that was fully charged and got pked, he would drop a Dharok's platebody (broken) and 128,250 gp. If said platebody was only 20% charged, the coin drop would instead be 25,650 gp. Money sinks are needed for this game, but they should not continue to cripple PVP.

In the wilderness and now also in death match, your combat level excludes summoning if you are not using it. This allows your combat level to better reflect your actual combat capabilities and is a far more accurate representation of combat prowess.
I think this should be made more extensive - to work the same way outside of the wilderness.

You should be able to toggle your familiar's aggressiveness. 3 options:

Option 1, "agressive":
Your familiar will attack everything that you attack or attacks you.

Option 2, "on command":
Your familiar will immediately attack only what you attack.

Option 3, "passive":
Your familiar will not attack anything.

This is now live in game! ^_^
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP

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