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I'm fine with the rules, except the last statement:

Mod Kalaya said:

ACTIVE is defined as having posted on the forums within the last 6 months

In my opinion, it should be 1 month.

If any game isn't popular (even if it's original and/or amusing), It should just go to the graveyard or ultimately revived by another player that maybe has a fresh new way of delivering said game (e.g. a new rule, little twist or tweaked format). I believe there's no need to force things and like many have said already...
keeping it simple is the best way.

My first forum game wasn't that succesful and the second one is one step inside the coffin :P nothing happens if they go extinct. At the end, this forum was made to have fun and share some lols in the process. If something isn't funny for the majority of forumers, why keep it?
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31-Mar-2016 17:39:03

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