Eucalyptus log uses

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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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New uses should be added for these logs:

Light a eucalyptus bonfire outside of the hairdressing salon to dry damp tinderboxes in your inventory, turning them into regular tinderboxes.

Add a "bundle of eucalyptus logs" that contains 28 logs in a pack, which is tradeable and can be opened to get 28 logs. This bundle automatically has logs taken out for doing the oo'glog quest.

Add a eucalyptus wood deposit box that can be crafted with 2 limestone bricks, 4 eucalyptus logs and 2 steel bars that sits near the hunter icon near oo'glog and functions as a deposit box.

Add eucalyptus longbows and shortbows that are t37 normally or if you add a shieldbow sight and 5 chaotic spikes to create a chaotic sight to add to eucalyptus longbow to create a t80 shieldbow. Dark bow is t70, and strykebow is t85, so the t80 shieldbow slot needs to be filled.


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For some reason I felt compelled to look up Eucalyptus logs, trees, etc, on the old Googles, after reading this and a different thread about them.

As it is now their main uses in RS are for the Pyre logs that Jeremy mentioned in the other thread, and for the completion of a quest. To some extent this is fine, not everything needs to be multi-faceted. They were devised for a quest and served their intended purpose.

However with that said Irl they are certainly an interesting tree, with many unique and beneficial qualities. Leading me to believe they’re under utilised in RS.

So how about…
• Higher tier Incense sticks.
• Community Firemaking - current Xp is slightly below Yews, boost it to slightly above whilst bonfire training. Perhaps a multiplier dependant on number of players that caps at a certain amount.
• Wrist mounted catapults - I know it’s crazy but bows are over done, think of them as a medieval fantasy grenade launcher. I was going to suggest blow-pipes but remembered we got them with Anachronia. I could really see the Ogresses of Oo’glog using these to hunt, they could deliver damage and other statuses dependent on the ammo type.
• Catapult ammo - Eucalyptus wood chips (crafted from logs), along with some highly flammable Eucalyptus bark and oil, plus some herbs all bound in a pouch and set alight just before firing.
• Burners could be added near the Spa pools, burn some Eucalyptus to boost the duration of the pools.
• Eucalyptus has some healing properties, maybe they could be used as an ingredient in a new potion?
• Garden furniture for player owned houses - Eucalyptus are also resistant to damp and rot, making them ideal candidates for outdoors furniture.

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