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Okay, I know I'm a little late to the party and I'm not sure if someone has mentioned this (I don't have time, unfortunately, to run through 70+ pages) but I think there was a huge mistake with the release of "wars retreat". The idea of the boss portals, bonfire, chests, prayer renewal and adrenaline crystals are all amazing and I love them, and I understand the desire of a hub where players can interact with one another but I feel this update could have been more useful going towards construction.

I know there are arguments that would say, if we had boss portals in our PoH's people would never leave instances and the game world would feel even more desolate than it already does, but this would be a necessary evil to revive the idea of using a PoH and wanting to level the skill. If they do rework the skill, which is a necessity, they can possibly use this method of adding boss portals but there would be no incentive as war's retreat is a free teleport and PoH is not.

I feel they missed a golden opportunity to add some life back into the skill of construction, lets just hope when they get around to the rework, which I don't believe will happen any time soon, they make it worth our while.
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