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Hey guys,

With the addition of the PvM Hub, aka War's Retreat, some of what made the Max Guild desirable has been taken away there. We still want the Max Guild to be desirable and a worthy late game goal, so I wanted to take this opportunity to start gathering your thoughts and suggestions on what could go there.

So, please follow these guidelines:

1. One suggestion per post (it's not helpful to have a massive list in one go, I'd rather discuss each suggestion separately).
2. Keep it real (please don't suggest massive things like a new elite dungeon, or an entire max only skill trainable only at the portal). Consider things like amenities that are missing (invention workshop etc).
3. Focus on fun. Numbers can get really enticing but it's easy to lose the fun when we focus too heavily on them.
4. No badmouthing other people's suggestions (you can disagree, but do so constructively please) I want this thread to be a fun place where anyone can make suggestions.
5. Only use this thread for suggestions on this topic please. This is not a time to post bugs (send a bug report instead), or ask about how a piece of content works. I will ignore and likely hide all off topic posts.

Things to watch out for:
* Try to avoid devaluing existing content.
* Try to avoid making the max guild a requirement to be a functional rs player. It should be fun and enticing, it should not be vital.
* Consider skilling over PvM, since most max guild members are inherently skillers what advantages can we offer there?
* New graphics. Graphics are at a premium with content such as Archaeology, which means suggestions that need new graphics are less likely to be implementable.
* Future proof. Things like achievement markers are problematic as we are constantly adding in new achievements and anything that creates additional future overhead for content is tricky.

Disclaimer: This thread is not a guaranteed content poll or similar. There's no guarantee that any changes will be made to the Max Guild as result of this, this is me gathering ideas to see whether there's anything we can do with the time and resources available.

Do not suggest:
* Moving the guild - realistically this just isn't an option at this point.

= Raven =

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Thank you for taking the time to post this! I assume you've already seen my tweet based on what is written in this post. While some of my favorite suggestions have to be crossed off, a useful one that I really think will benefit players is new skilling based portals in the area where the boss portal is. These would be 3 new portals: one we can attune to our current slayer assignment at a cost, a D&D activity portal, and a 3rd normal skilling portal.
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16-Jan-2020 09:01:04



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Portals to each of the other guilds inside the max guild, then give an xp or some other unique buff for training the respective skill inside said other guilds. This could potentially open up some interesting methods of training post 99 (or on the way to 99, just without a bank-teleport to them).

16-Jan-2020 09:09:06



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A one time use alchemiser that allows us to alch our eventually useless max cape. Consider a similar addition to the Varrock museum.

Otherwise a tree placed in there to give Timbo something to do in 5 years.

16-Jan-2020 09:21:07

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Move it to the GE and design it so other players cannot have access to the amenities but can still talk to the people inside it. Flask decanter, extra invention machine slot, a second "hefin pillar" that doesn't share a cooldown with the priff one, extra sandstone, and a managing miscellania NPC would all be good but not overpowered additions.

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how about portals similar to the following:
player owned house
player owned ports
clan citadel
portal to the current active event (holiday, world event, etc)

lastly maybe a portal of portals sort of thing, where you will be able to sacrifice items that have teleportation abilities (6th age circuit, ring of wealth, etc) to add that ability to the portal

16-Jan-2020 09:42:48

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Bobert Sands

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Since slayer is a skill that goes to 120 (beyond just Maxing) I think the portal there should be able to attune to high level slayer creatures. It already attunes to things like Airuts, so why not let it take us to other monsters too?

It makes sense, since for most slayer tasks we wont need to run to War's Retreat and use the bonfire and adrenaline crystals, but would be nice to go to Max Guild and then go to task. It would help a lot for horrible location tasks such as dinosaurs.

16-Jan-2020 10:23:08

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