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Support. It really does feel unnecessarily clunky now that we have a handy customization tab. And it's not like they'd need a reason for those NPCs to justify their current existence; after all we can change our hair whenever we'd like, yet the Hairdresser still acts as a way to instantly pull up that menu. (And in the case of the other NPCs, Thessalia has an NPC shop to offer and both her and the Makeover Mage have roles in certain quests beyond their normal functionality; the MM helps us with that goblin transformation potion as part of Land of the Goblins and Thessalia is part of Once Upon a Slime and Heartstealer)

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And as a final hurrah, can we please ditch the changing room thing that prevents you from playing until you finish picking a new title or pet or hairdo. It doesn't happen for the wardrobe changes and we don't want it for the other things either.

Please do. There are few things as obnoxious as someone dropping down that changing room thing in the middle of Portables or other crowded places. And it doesn't even make sense most of the time! You can switch your cosmetics without the animations -- you know, the one thing that your character might actually want privacy for? -- but if you want to change your pet overrides or go by a different title, down come the modesty curtains. Just... why?

21-Oct-2021 02:45:29

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