Reg* Excalibur activation bug

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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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I can understand why "enhanced excalibur" puts ultimate healing abilities on a 5 minute cooldown because it is a healing ability in itself.

But with "regular" excalibur, it just gives you a +8 buff to your defence stat.

It seems unreasonable for a "potion-like-buff" to put a healing ability on a 5 minute cool-down... especially when you can use an actual potion that buffs defence more and doesn't put any abilities on cooldown.
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25-Nov-2018 23:45:26



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maybe they say it heals your defense. it's good for when your stats are draind.

however i support because most peple think healing means healing your health. but i dont have the potions.

03-Mar-2019 07:01:42

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