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I mean - it's supply and demand first. I personally do not deem it to be as valuable to me, but yeah...

It's fairly rare and a lot of players deem it worth to be 500m (well - it is lower by now) it's worth 500m. And translating that to treasure trails - that's 400 something clues that just have to spill out at least something awarding fortunate components - less if you actually bother to refine them to an alchemical gem. And considering clues also could spill out items worth (much) more it's really not that hard to re-cash the effort. Again - I wouldn't pay as much for it, since there just are good and free ways to come to clues, but I mean - if somebody doesn't want bothering obtaining them in the first place, it's a perfect investment I guess...

boidae said:
just checked your clue log, i dont think you can have a say on anything

To be fair - one has seen everything trails have to offer upon completing a few dozens of a distinct tier - you don't need hundreds or even thousands regarding this.
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