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Supplementary Reddit thread.

Give me your suggestions for achievements!

Hello dear Scapers.

We're looking at adding a fetric muckton of achievements in an upcoming Autumn update week.

We have rather a lot of ideas but we are few while you are many.

Could you please throw suggestions at me in this thread for achievements you'd like to see in RuneScape. I want achievements you can work towards over time. I want weird/stupid/meme achievements. I want more achievements that point you towards lore. I want more achievements for learning PvM mechanics. I want more achievements for skillers and efficiency.

I want more achievements to generally cover parts of the game that are sorely missing accolades.

20-Aug-2018 17:10:52

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* Obtain maximum reputation with the Goebies on Mazcab
* Obtain maximum reputation in the Heart of Gielinor (GWD2)
* Unlock all abilities (this would track raids abilities, reprisal, scare tactics, ED2 abilities, shattered worlds abilities, and abilities from GWD1)
* Research all Invention blueprints
* Unlock the ability to toggle all Doomsayer warnings
* Obtain all miscellaneous Dungeoneering journals
* Obtain all 8 possible greegrees and use them to create an omni-greegree


* Deposit some loot in Heist without being disguised
* Contribute one of each resource towards making rum in a game of Trouble Brewing
* Complete a game of Fishing Trawler while wearing the Shark's tooth necklace
* Extinguish a barricade in a game of Castle Wars using a bucket of water
* Complete a game of Stealing Creating where all resources on the map have been exhausted
* Get poisoned by spinners in Pest Control
* While being the hunted, pass through all four houses during a game of Fist of Guthix
* Pickpocket another player in Flash Powder Factory while wearing full Factory outfit

Weird shit

* Bury some bones in each of Gielinor's cemeteries (Lumbridge, Port Sarim, Canifis, Forgotten Cemetery, Graveyard of Shadows, West Ardougne)
* Kill yourself with Balanced strike
* Use the "think" emote while wearing full Thinker robes set
* Talk to Postie Pete whilst being skulled and having a regular skull, a Vecna's skull, a Shade skull, and a Skull of Remembrance in your inventory.
* Collect more than 200 tears in a game of Tears of Guthix
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Such an abomination! Defeat the abomination at least once and so on up to 100. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued. I support discontinued tokens and ending price manipuiation.

20-Aug-2018 18:19:31

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-Odd Achievements-

- Engage with all the Monty Python references in game.
- RuneScapian Rhapsody: Imagine the lyrics of famous Queen song transformed into actions in RS? You'll have to kill a man, drop items, perform the cry emote, and generally act out the song in actions, emotes, or exploration.
- Cut down a tree in every kingdom of the game - Timbo isn't the only tree killer.
- Loot the Crystal chest on a scaling amount of times - example: 10, 50, 100.
- Visit every underground area of RuneScape
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I would like to suggest stuff that acknowledges current completables:

- Introduce an Event tab for recurring events (beach, spring fayre, novtumber fest):

+ Add achievements for having all unlockables of a certain event. They would lock again, when new cosmetics are released. It would massively help keeping track with the rewards.
+ Add achievements for all titles and their sub requirements (e.g. Fair Maiden)

Unachieved entries will be hidden while the event is not present (optional)

- Add a collectible tab:

+ Add achievements for n titles unlocked - multi tier - could award a title
+ Add achievements for n pets unlocked - for the sake of trackability only interface pets - multi tier
+ Add achievements for n customisation options unlocked - multi tier

Note: The highest tier should always be achieveable with items currently obtainable ingame. MTX, promotional and discontinued stuff would still count though.

+ Add achievements for specific collectibles
+ Add achievements for every skilling set unlocked (xp boosting and elite). The outfit should be available ingame.
+ Add an achievement for filling the toolbelt with the best possible tools

- Other stuff:

- Convert certain comp / trimmed comp reqs to regular minigame or miscellaneous achievements. Stuff that doesn't belong on either cape are requirements that are neither completable nor used to unlock something (e.g. conquest rating, achieve score at big chinchompa,...). They still are interesting achievements and thus would fit better in one of those categories.
- Add an achievement for obtaining the sandy title and its sub requirements (menaphos)
- Add an achievement for breaking the counter in the body room during or after elemental workshop III (maybe MQC req)
- Change the defeat the phoenix achievement for the MQC to 'Talk with the phoenix about Si'morgh' - increase RuneScore reward accordingly.
- Repair 100 light orbs in Dorgesh-kaan and earn your firemaking reward (MQC or misc).
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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- Kick your large gnomeball 50/250/500/1000/2000 times and unlock the respective variants. 5 RuneScore per tier (misc)
- Add achievements for earning individual castle wars capes (minigame)
- Unlock every cabbage facepunch ability (minigame)
- Build every crossbow hidey-hole and rope rack (misc or skilling)
- Allow the old diary found in a crate near the odd old man after defeating the skeletal horror once to be added to the bookcase of a POH. Make reading it a requirement of the 'Lovingly Crafted' achievement, as it is also part of the horrors lore.
- Some fix for 'Catching some Rays': Consolidate the regular and ironman variants to a single version, that can be completed by catching a manta ray either in the fishing trawler minigame or the deep sea fishing hub. As ironmen can catch rays via the hub now, they shouldn't have a different variant of the achievement anymore, which drastically increases the requirements over the regular variant. As the hub is fairly close to ardouge, it also shouldn't collide with the theme of the achievement diary.
- Tell Gwir about all your exploits after Plagues' End. (MQC or misc)
- Tell Derni, Dernu and Miodvetnir about all your exploits after King of the Dwarves (MQC or misc)
- Change the drop rates of the dungeoneering journals 16-20 to reasonable levels and include them in the respective MQC achievement
- Earn all possible experience in the empty throneroom (misc or skilling)
- Create an omni soulstone (misc or combat)
- Add Ava's device to the castle wars and soul wars capes (minigame)
- Unlock the ability to carry nine black crystals (combat)
- Unfurl all 28 flags in the max guild garden (misc)
- Fully upgrade your loot bag (skilling, thieving)
- Exhaust the silver rock north of al kharid (skilling)
- Add an obligatory 'Over 9000' achievement for RuneScore (misc)
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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- Train Meg as much as possible (misc or minigame). Commantary: The more often she returns from adventures, the more experienced she gets - being reflected in her examine
- Complete the Nexus (misc or skilling)
- Unlock all expert capes (skilling)
- Upgrade your completionist cape by using a spirit cape on it (misc)
- Earn all five god chisels (skilling)
- Enter all dungeoneering resource dungeons (skilling)
- Finish a ceremonial sword with 100 % and earn the one-timed smithing xp bonus (skilling) (maybe two tier with the lesser 80 % variant as well?)
- Find every goblin mail hidden in the goblin village (misc)
- Complete every course at the combat academy with champion/hero/legend rank (combat)
- Add achievements for clearing certain shortcuts (misc or skilling)
- Unlock the ability to add a stone of jas plug to your aquarium (skilling, fishing)
- Earn 50/250/500 boss training points (combat)
- Unlock every special crew isle in POP (minigame)
- Purchase every treasure trail title and the blue pet (minigames, treasure trails)

Suggestion for feats (hidden until unlocked, 0 score):

- Reach Prestige 250 in the Memorial to Guthix.
- Reach Prestige 250 in Heist.
- Catch 10000 of each kind of charm sprite
- Complete the general/easy/medium/hard/elite/master treasure trail collection log
- Earn maximum RuneScore (locks itself when new achievements are released, 0 score ones aren't needed)

What also would be important:

- Achievements and RuneScore currently fail at being a potentially wonderful competitive element, add highscores for RuneScore Add achievements/runescore to the RuneMetrics profile
- Try to rebalance existing RuneScore rewards to have them relevant to the effort needed to earn them - especially many combat achievements are extremely overrated, while many misc/minigame ones aren't sufficiently valued.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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a lot of good ones been said already so i wont repeat

have all slayer heads in your POH (hand cockatrice basilisk kurask abyssal kbd kq)

also have pet variants in your menagerie

Rikornak said:
- Achievements and RuneScore currently fail at a potentially wonderful competitive element - add highscores for RuneScore and achievements/runescore to the RuneMetrics profile
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