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I'd like to suggest a fix to already existing Karamja achievements:

There is a achievement, which in one must trade minimum 300 trading sticks, 3 opal and 1 gout tuber for a respective machete. The part where this task mishaps is the gout tuber: The tuber costs over 550 k on GE, and could not buy one for 1 M.

I am aware, that getting the gout tuber is possible at Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup -minigame by cutting the jungle. However, the RNG chance is 1/100. The jungle takes alot time to cut down, and the slim chances mean that one may have to use hours or even days to find one. It is nowhere consistent to find one while playing the minigame for other achievement, 100 % favour.

I suggest that:
This achievement would be removed entirely
Remove the gout tube requirement for the trade
Replace the achievement with something that can be done more consistently. For example: Cut down 10 dense jungle.

Thank you!

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Master of the House: Purchase the entire Master Constructor's set from an Estate Agent.
My Redundancies Have Redundancies: Have the effects of a dose of Spirit Attraction Potion, a Gnomish Firelighter, and the Chronicle Absorption Curse active at the same time.

Also, since the Orthen Digsite doesn't have "just for fun" achievements like the other sites...

We Named the Dinosaur Varanus: Have one of your Varanusaurs pay its respects to its namesake. (Use any Ranch Out of Time Varanusaur on Varanus's coffin at the Crypt of Varanus; species, gender, and age do not matter)
Under Observ-ape-tion: Attempt to perform an autopsy on a monkey corpse at the Observation Outpost. (Use a Monkey Corpse on the autopsy table)
When In Orthen, Do As the Dragonkin Do: Consume a Drunk Dragon and nibble some Sliced Mushrooms at the Moksha Ritual Site.
I Love Goooooooooold!: Mine a Gold Ore at the Xolo City while wearing the full Golden Mining suit and while wielding any Gilded Pickaxe.
Started At The Bottom, Now I'm Here: Stab the Saurthen Debris with a restored Venator Dagger while wearing an Archaeology Master Cape.

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The Muneday to Friday Grind: Unlock all five of Mune's environmental outfits.
Then I Saw His Flag, Now Ima Achiever: Unlock Zez's final outfit.
Richie's Rich: Unlock Richie's final outfit.
Birdkeeper: Hatch a full collection of bird eggs using the Incubators in Taverley and Yanille. (unlocks "the Birdbrain" title)

Take Note of Everything You Find: Complete the following achievements: Behemoth Notes, History of Bilach, Kal'gerion Notes, Marmaros and Thok Letters, Miscellaneous Notes, Stalker Notes (unlocks the "the Notable" title)
Like Printing My Own Money: Purchase every Invention blueprint from the Elite Dungeon Reward Shop.
A + Effort: Purchase every upgraded scroll recipe from the Elite Dungeon Reward Shop.
Amini-Chic: Purchase the full Acolyte of Seiryu and Sakadagami outfits from the Elite Dungeon Reward Shop.
Pet Project: Purchase every available pet from both the Daemonheim Rewards and Elite Dungeon Reward Shops.
Dungeon Master: Purchase every permanent unlock from both the Daemonheim Rewards and Elite Dungeon Reward Shops and become an honourary member of Thok's family. (Unlocks the "Thokson/Thoksdottir" title)
Done-goneering: Complete the following achievements: Dragonkin Labratory, Dungeoneer Ring, Dungeon Master, Hard as Daemons, Shadow Reef, Take Note of Everything You Find, Temple of Aminishi (unlocks a golden variant of the "Thokson/Thoksdottir" and "of Daemonheim" titles)

Dialed In: Complete your Fairy Ring Travel Log by teleporting to every Fairy Ring.

Gorilla Warfare: Unlock every ability in Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza.

Mother/Father of Dragons: Unlock a complete set of Baby Dragon pets by incubating dragon eggs in Taverly or Yanille. (unlocks the "Mother/Father of Dragons" title)
Pining for the Fjords No More: Revive an ex-parrot after completing Rocking Out.

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