Existing Game Content Rules

Existing Game Content Forum Guide

Welcome to the Existing Game Content forum. :)

"What is the Existing Game Content forum for?"

The Existing Game Content forum is for those of you who want to make suggestions or post constructive feedback on existing game content.

Some points to remember:

  • In order to be able to give constructive feedback about game content, it’s usually wise to take some time to experience the content first!
  • Website, forum and technical features are not game content. They have their own feedback and discussion forums to post your thoughts in. All misplaced threads will be moved (or in some cases locked) to their appropriate forum.


"I’ve got a great idea for a skill! Ferret riding! Can I create a thread asking for it in the Recent Game Updates forum?”

You can suggest new in-game content is the "New Game Content - Suggestions" forum. Our players have come up with some truly awesome ideas over the years and we’re really grateful for them.

"I don’t like cabbage collectors! Can I create a thread to rant about players who pick cabbages? They’re ruining RuneScape!”

We kindly ask that you only discuss in-game content that Jagex specifically designed. As we didn’t design groups of players, they shouldn’t really be discussed here. This includes cabbage collectors!