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Jager Candy
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Jager Candy

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-•=»‡«=•- Welcome to Barge! -•=»‡«=•-

Barge is a laid-back PvM and social clan. We love to hang out in discord, kill bosses and get loot. We also enjoy teaching and can coach you towards getting consistent kills at any boss in the game.

-•=»‡«=•- What we offer -•=»‡«=•-

x 6% avatar buff
x Straightforward ranking
x Opportunities to host events
x Regular PvM events
x Active discord server

Learners are very welcome at our events. You won’t be expected to know the mechanics if you’re new to the boss. We don’t expect you to follow rotations from a spreadsheet. Just come along and have fun!

We focus on teaching Raids, Solak, AoD and Vorago. We also host one-off events, pvm challenges, clue openings, social events and more.

-•=»‡«=•- Ranks -•=»‡«=•-

We don't have a points or xp based ranking system in Barge because we feel our time is better spent pvming with clannies than managing spreadsheets. If you'd like to have a particular star in CC, just ask!

Key ranks take care of the day to day running of the clan and host events regularly.
Co-ordinator ranks deal with recruitment and help moderate the community.
We always welcome applications for new key ranks and helpers, just message the clan owner if you're interested in helping out.

-•=»‡«=•- Rules -•=»‡«=•-

Be respectful.
We are all adults and play the game to have fun. We expect you to know where the line is and to use cc and discord appropriately ie. no arguing, bullying or drama in public chats.
If a clan rank asks you to stop something you’re doing, please be respectful. This community exists for the benefit of all members and we want to keep it welcoming for everyone.

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Jager Candy
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Jager Candy

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-•=»‡«=•- Requirements -•=»‡«=•-

There are no requirements to join the clan. However, the following gives you a guide to the levels and gear that is required before you can signup to Solak & AoD learner hours.

T80 power armour or better for your main style
T90 weapons or better for your main style
Pvme starter perks or better for weapons and armour
- Weapons: Precise 6 | Equilibrium 4
- Armour: Biting 3 | Impatient 4 and Crackling 4 | Enhanced Devoted 4
Planted feet switch if magic or ranged
Overloads unlocked
T95 curses unlocked
96 summoning (for ripper demon/nihil)
800k dps gem in your main style

About the gem requirement:

A challenge gem gives you an idea of how much damage you can deal in 5 minutes. It’s a useful way to see how new weapons, perks or rotations effect your damage output. It can also help you identify bad habits, or learn new techniques. You may also need to pass a challenge gem to get a rank in some servers if you want to improve further e.g. AoD 7-10.

This gem requirement has been set because it is not too hard to get, but it shows that you have enough combat knowledge to handle any boss in the game. If you don’t know how to gem or can’t get to 800k, just message us and we can help.

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Jager Candy
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Jager Candy

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-•=»‡«=•- Joining -•=»‡«=•-

If you like the sound of what we have to offer, please guest with us and let us get to know you! Feel free to message any of our key or coordinator ranks if you have any questions.

Clan owner: Jager Candy
Deputy owner: AngryyDad

You can also join our discord server here:

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