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Hey there,

if you are reading this, I am looking for a social clan. I have been playing RuneScape since 2005 but took a break for a few years. A lot of the current game feels very unfamiliar to me since I've been away. I'm also looking for a clan that has no entry requirements, mandatory events or mandatory capping at the citadel to remain a member. I sometimes don't play for a couple of weeks at a time. I'm just looking for some cool people to talk to, to make the game fun again.

Thanks for your consideration

23-Jan-2020 03:24:25

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Who We Are

We are a friendly and helpful community of players that enjoy skilling and socializing. We host regular skilling competitions, D&D events, Group PvM events, and more!

What We Offer

-We have members with various amounts of in-game knowledge which makes this clan perfect for new and returning players, as well as experienced players who are willing to help others!
-We offer a Discord Server with several bots that can help you immensely in game!
-Regular skilling competitions, group PvM, and D&D minigames with prizes to give you a chance to make some additional GP while in the clan.
-We utilize polls to give everyone in the clan a voice! Check out our discord polls channel where you can vote for your favorite activities!
-Fair Ranking system!
-Friendly community of players to chat with while playing Runescape
-We offer a feedback channel so all of our members can let us know what they would like to see in the clan!

Ways to Join

-Join our discord server at: and ask any of our members to invite you in game! We would love to have you! (You’re also welcome to guest if you don’t want to join)
-Guest in our clan chat and ask any online members for an invite
-PM Shady Nate or Evil Herself in game and ask for an invite.


Social, Friendly, PvM -Group, Events, Help/Support, Discord, Mature, Everyone Welcome

Thank you in advance for your consideration!
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23-Jan-2020 03:32:27

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Hey there friend, we'd be glad to welcome you to our clan
Guardians of Unity

-We're a bunch of easy going and friendly folks
-Adventurous, lots of PVM, and Skilling
-Capping NOT Required But Appreciated
-Tier 7 Citadel
-People ALWAYS ONLINE 24/7 ;)

So come check us out! Visit us for a couple weeks and see what you think.
If you have any questions, please feel free to pm
Midnite Sin
The Devil3

, owner of
Guardians of Unity

23-Jan-2020 04:32:41

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Velkommen til
Keepers of Yggdrasil

Berre den som vandrer, finn nye vegar
“Only he who wanders, finds a path”

We are honored and delighted your path has led you here!

Keepers of Yggdrasil is a
social, all-inclusive, community-based clan
. If you're looking for a place to rest your sword and shield, look no further than here!


We may be few, but we are mighty!
Our clan is newly formed, but we have several founding members that are highly skilled and knowledgable about all things Runescape. However, if we don't know the answer, we will help you find it!
We pride ourselves in helping others and are always willing to lend a hand or provide a suggestion if needed.
Our goal is to provide a home for anyone looking to have fun and make a few friends along the way.
Free-to-play and pay-to-play are both welcome.

We have an active Discord server as well! Drop by and say hello!

You can also PM one of our officers in game for an invite:
- Owner
- Deputy Owner
- Overseer
- Overseer
- Coordinator


Why should I join?

Tier 1 Citadel
Active and Friendly Clan Chat and Discord Server
Weekly Organized Events
Help and Support (All you need do is ask :) )
Diverse Group from all over the world!
A Growing Community!


En klan som holder sammen, er uovervinnelig
"A clan that sticks together, is invincible"

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Holly x0

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You're invited!


Friendly, good-natured, easy to talk to

- Helpful social community who prides themselves in helping each other
- All levels welcome!
- Veteran and new players alike
- Players are from all over the world
- Knowledgeable community in PvM and RuneScape in general
- Fair and active leadership
- Discord server and active clan chat

Why should I join?


- We have members who can and are willing to teach and help you with everything you need to know about RuneScape
- Wide variety of events (high and low level) to accommodate players of all types: skilling, PvM
- Your voice and opinion matters, leaders who make time of day for you
- We are constantly evolving to make the clan better for our members

How do I join?


- All guests are welcome in our clan chat or discord always! Stay as long as you like
- To join the clan, guest in our clan chat
and ask anyone for an invite!
- You can also join our discord server, make sure to give yourself the Guest role so you can see the rest of the server!

We do hope you take us into consideration as we would love to have you join. Good luck in your search!



23-Jan-2020 06:34:26

SG Chris
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SG Chris

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Kristi the clan SkyGuardians invites you to come check us out! We are an all-level social clan with members active across most time zones looking for players to help us grow. Currently we host 3 non-mandatory events a week on the weekend and we also have a tier 7 Citadel and a Discord server. Our members have good knowledge of the game and are happy to help you in anyway. We have leaders who care and if you have any problems feel free to come to them. You have the opportunity to rise in the ranks as we are currently looking to strengthen our leadership, so people who help the clan with things such as Discord, official RS forums, and events will be able to rank up faster. If what we provide interests you, please feel free to guest in the clan chat, post on our forum thread, or PM a leader. We have no application or requirements to join we are just looking for active and positive people to expand our rs3 community. You can find further information such as our rules and Discord link on the SkyGuardians forum thread

QFC: 290-291-500-66134670

23-Jan-2020 11:42:28

sai xD
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sai xD

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Astral Turtles

We are Astral Turtles!

I will try and make this as short and sweet as possible :-)

Astral Turtles is a family. We look out for each other. We aim to grow at a steady pace which allows you to get to know each-other instead of having to meet a new person every 2 minutes. :-P

We have a wide variety of events to offer to our clannies, meaning there is something for everyone! We do things like, dungeoneering, pvm, skilling and sometimes just chatting about pointless things :-P. We have a pretty good sense of humor, as long as you can deal with some sarcasm and good old banter. We have a wide variety of levels, from people who are maxed to those with under 500 total level.

Events and capping are not mandatory, but appreciated :-).

If you would like to join post here, join our clan chat as a guest or PM one of our contact point clan members listed below. We always keep our PM's on!

Contact points :
Matmano9 -/- Cheeselets
Ripper Man5 -/- Annarawrs
Jj Oo Ee Yy -/- Debbie
Sai xD -/- Zabooma
Havokki -/- Pandaa BOT

Clan Information:
• Clan Chat: Astral Turtles
• Home world: 88
• Clan Time: GMT / EST - Events are made to suit most time zones!
• Citadel: Tier 7 - Maxed citadel with Dragon
• Voice Chat: Discord
• Requirements: None
• Thanks to clan updates everyone has a permanent 3% xp buff which can be increased up to 6%!

Click here for our recruitment thread! :-)
:( s a d b o y s :(

23-Jan-2020 20:11:48

an-otter gal
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an-otter gal

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...‹~¨ˆ•„. ¸•'ˆ'•.,¸¸,.•´.ˆ•„¨ˆ•º„º•ˆ¨„•ˆ.¨‘.,¸¸,.•'ˆ'•¸ .„•ˆ¯~›...

House of Skills

T2 Discord
Tier 7

Clan chat: 'House of Skills'

Official Invitation

You are cordially invited! ...but, who are we?

HoS is a social clan with members of varying experience and backgrounds. We host
and regular clan events, including XP competitions and high/low tier bossing, in addition to pet/achievement unlocking and XP-wasting house parties with
prize-winning incentives
Knowledgeable maxed, trimmed, and completionist members are eager to offer helpful guidance with skilling and/or quests when prompted in our Clan Chat or through our active Discord. Our aim is to work towards Max/Comp/Trim capes while simultaneously cultivating an environment where everyone can make friends and 'just chill a lil'.

Leader: Swine
Active 24/7

We track various clan activity, e.g., duration of clan membership or XP gained, through an all user-accessible Spreadsheet.

Our Ranking System is based on a flawless point system. Gaining points are based on activity within the clan as well as Clan XP; event attendance and capping will help you rank up faster.


2000 or 3 99s required

Interested? - Recruitment Thread
...‹~¨ˆ•„. ¸•'ˆ'•.,¸¸,.•´.ˆ•„¨ˆ•º„º•ˆ¨„•ˆ.¨‘.,¸¸,.•'ˆ'•¸ .„•ˆ¯~›...
an- otter post
...‹~¨ˆ•„. ¸•'ˆ'•.,¸¸,.•´.ˆ•„¨ˆ•º„º•ˆ¨„•ˆ.¨‘.,¸¸,.•'ˆ'•¸ .„•ˆ¯~›...

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Hiya Kristi!

•••••••Check out SmokeBreak•••••••
We're a new, fast growing Social/PvM clan that's open to all!

Requirements: Active Membership

Founded: 11 October 2019
Home Worlds: 84 & 89

We offer:
• Active Discord With Voice Channels
• Clan PvM (mid to high tier)
• Boss Events
• Rotation Teaching Events
• Social Events
• Discord Events
• Skilling Events
• Close Community
• Weekly Raffles

Current Requirements:
• RuneScape Membership

Clan Rules:
• ALL of JAGEX rules apply
• NO slander, racial slurs or derogatory terms in CC.
-cursing allowed as long as it’s not excessive or directed towards anyone-
• NO luring or scamming clan members. Doing so will result in an instant ban from CC
• NO killing clannies in the wildy
• Religion and politics are not to be brought up in CC. Please take those subjects to PM or FC to prevent arguments.
• NO rage quitting Clan PvM Events
• NO begging for money.
• Trust trading is done at your own risk

Not required, but greatly appreciated:
• Go above and beyond to be helpful (this will be noticed)
• Recruiting for the Clan
• Capping at the Citadel
• Welcome new members/guests to CC
• Host/Attend events for CC (this will be noticed)
• Bump our Forum

Due to us being a newly formed clan, we have a current Recruitment Program. You can earn in-game rewards for recruiting people and we will also host drop parties for meeting certain member milestones!

Our Active Discord:

23-Jan-2020 22:47:14

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