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an-otter gal

an-otter gal

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House of Skills

T2 Discord
Tier 7

Clan chat: 'House of Skills'

Official Invitation

You are cordially invited! ...but, who are we?

HoS is a social clan with members of varying experience and backgrounds. We host
and regular clan events, including XP competitions and high/low tier bossing, in addition to pet/achievement unlocking and XP-wasting house parties with
prize-winning incentives
Knowledgeable maxed, trimmed, and completionist members are eager to offer helpful guidance with skilling and/or quests when prompted in our Clan Chat or through our active Discord. Our aim is to work towards Max/Comp/Trim capes while simultaneously cultivating an environment where everyone can make friends and 'just chill a lil'.

Leader: Swine
Active 24/7

We track various clan activity, e.g., duration of clan membership or XP gained, through an all user-accessible Spreadsheet.

Our Ranking System is based on a flawless point system. Gaining points are based on activity within the clan as well as Clan XP; event attendance and capping will help you rank up faster.


2000 or 3 99s required

Interested? - Recruitment Thread
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...‹~¨ˆ•„. Έ•'ˆ'•.,ΈΈ,.•΄.ˆ•„¨ˆ•Ί„Ί•ˆ¨„•ˆ.¨‘.,ΈΈ,.•'ˆ'•Έ .„•ˆ―~›...

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