I'm looking for a clan.

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hey names NeoLanderz,

small background. i'm a vet of over 15 years I've played since my teens. i stooped playing as much once my kids arrived.

I've recently got a lot more time on my hands due to a new job and started playing more.

I've more or less only ever played solo, apart from a friend or two but coming back to the game none of my old friends play.

I'm no PVM or PVP so i'm looking for a clan that will allow me to watch to learn PVM and join when ready, laid back fun and friendly and really doesn't mind the fact i will not PVP but i want to do the rest.

i figured its time to stop playing solo so much and try to look for new friends. there is only so much i can learn and do on my own.

in-game chat is always on so message me if you want to chat about possible joining you.

25-Jan-2020 20:54:16

Commando NDF
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Commando NDF

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is a non-controversial clan that is all about
and providing support for each other's passion for RuneScape. A clan made for people seeking some friendly faces, we stride to provide a drama-free environment. We are open to a wide variety of players, so if you are looking for a clan that will make you feel welcome, then you've found it!

What we can provide:

-Tier 7 Clan Citadel
-A drama-free environment for players to socialize and feel welcomed.
-An active clan Discord
-New friends, game support, and a community that has your back!

Guests are always welcome, so feel free to drop by our clan chat - Nontroversy - and say hi! My private chat is also open. We'd love to have you aboard.

Click here for our Official Forum Thread!

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Hey Neo!

My name is Dragonz809 and I am formally inviting you to check out our clan, Kia Kaha. We are an active, social, diverse, community-focused clan that is there to help and guide any clanmates and have fun together! We also host a variety of events, from skilling competitions to doing PvM from time to time. All of our events are completely OPTIONAL so you don't have to feel the pressure. Please feel free to join us as a guest and if you are interested, we hope to see you soon! :)

To learn more, our QFC is 288-289-170-66118388.

"Once upon a time, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly, everyone died. The end."
Are you looking for an active clan? Check us out, Kia Kaha, for more information!

25-Jan-2020 22:23:42

Holly x0
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Holly x0

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You're invited!


Friendly, good-natured, easy to talk to

- Helpful social community who prides themselves in helping each other
- All levels welcome!
- Veteran and new players alike
- Players are from all over the world
- Knowledgeable community in PvM and RuneScape in general
- Fair and active leadership
- Discord server and active clan chat

Why should I join?


- We have members who can and are willing to teach and help you with everything you need to know about RuneScape
- Wide variety of events (high and low level) to accommodate players of all types: skilling, PvM
- Your voice and opinion matters, leaders who make time of day for you
- We are constantly evolving to make the clan better for our members

How do I join?


- All guests are welcome in our clan chat or discord always! Stay as long as you like
- To join the clan, guest in our clan chat
and ask anyone for an invite!
- You can also join our discord server, make sure to give yourself the Guest role so you can see the rest of the server!

We do hope you take us into consideration as we would love to have you join. Good luck in your search!



25-Jan-2020 23:14:05

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Who We Are

We are a friendly and helpful community of players that enjoy skilling and socializing. We host regular skilling competitions, D&D events, Group PvM events, and more!

What We Offer

-We have members with various amounts of in-game knowledge which makes this clan perfect for new and returning players, as well as experienced players who are willing to help others!
-We offer a Discord Server with several bots that can help you immensely in game!
-Regular skilling competitions, group PvM, and D&D minigames with prizes to give you a chance to make some additional GP while in the clan.
-We utilize polls to give everyone in the clan a voice! Check out our discord polls channel where you can vote for your favorite activities!
-Fair Ranking system!
-Friendly community of players to chat with while playing Runescape
-We offer a feedback channel so all of our members can let us know what they would like to see in the clan!

Ways to Join

-Join our discord server at: and ask any of our members to invite you in game! We would love to have you! (You’re also welcome to guest if you don’t want to join)
-Guest in our clan chat and ask any online members for an invite
-PM Shady Nate or Evil Herself in game and ask for an invite.


Social, Friendly, PvM -Group, Events, Help/Support, Discord, Mature, Everyone Welcome

Thank you in advance for your consideration!
Shadows Descend Admins

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25-Jan-2020 23:31:32

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Hiya NeoLanderz!

•••••••Check out SmokeBreak•••••••
We're a new, fast growing Social/PvM clan that's open to all!

Requirements: Active Membership

Founded: 11 October 2019
Home Worlds: 84 & 89

We offer:
• Active Discord With Voice Channels
• Clan PvM (mid to high tier)
• Boss Events
• Rotation Teaching Events
• Social Events
• Discord Events
• Skilling Events
• Close Community

Current Requirements:
• RuneScape Membership

Clan Rules:
• ALL of JAGEX rules apply
• NO slander, racial slurs or derogatory terms in CC.
-cursing allowed as long as it’s not excessive or directed towards anyone-
• NO luring or scamming clan members. Doing so will result in an instant ban from CC
• NO killing clannies in the wildy
• Religion and politics are not to be brought up in CC. Please take those subjects to PM or FC to prevent arguments.
• NO rage quitting Clan PvM Events
• NO begging for money.
• Trust trading is done at your own risk

Not required, but greatly appreciated:
• Go above and beyond to be helpful (this will be noticed)
• Recruiting for the Clan
• Capping at the Citadel
• Welcome new members/guests to CC
• Host/Attend events for CC (this will be noticed)
• Bump our Forum

Our Active Discord:

P.s.-I tried to add you in-game to talk but you arent online. Come talk to me sometime!

26-Jan-2020 00:08:23

Ms aASHSteel
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Ms aASHSteel

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We cordially invite you to join The AFKers!

If you are looking for;

Non-elitist, non-arrogant, non-boastful environment
Helpful community
Respectful atmosphere
Then we are your go-to hub!

About The AFKers

The AFKers is a clan open to absolutely everyone! There are no combat/total level requirements.
We simply seek peaceful, respectful, and friendly players who love RS, and also love to AFK ^.^
We offer clan Discord and ask for all members to join if able.
I•I Mobile Friendly , AFK While @ Work!! I•I
Citadel capping is not required but highly appreciated!
Open for guests at any time, Join “The AFKers” in game clan chat.
We are a small clan, which makes it the perfect opportunity to join and grow with us while getting to know everyone!

If interested in us, please join our CC for an invite, or add/speak to any of the Staff or
Ms aASHSteel

Quick find code: 290-291-399-66095987

Hope to see you soon!

Finally Maxed: 5/17/15
:P <3
The AFKers

26-Jan-2020 11:05:41

SG Chris
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SG Chris

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NeoLanderz the clan SkyGuardians invites you to come check us out! We are an all-level social clan with members active across most time zones looking for players to help us grow. Currently we host 3 non-mandatory events a week on the weekend and we also have a tier 7 Citadel and a Discord server. Our members have good knowledge of the game and are happy to help you in anyway. We have leaders who care and if you have any problems feel free to come to them. You have the opportunity to rise in the ranks as we are currently looking to strengthen our leadership, so people who help the clan with things such as Discord, official RS forums, and events will be able to rank up faster. If what we provide interests you, please feel free to guest in the clan chat, post on our forum thread, or PM a leader. We have no application or requirements to join we are just looking for active and positive people to expand our rs3 community. You can find further information such as our rules and Discord link on the SkyGuardians forum thread

QFC: 290-291-500-66134670

26-Jan-2020 12:24:23

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Hi there Neo, I'm Kera from a social clan called Shattered Moon.

We are have no requirements to join, and have lots of new or returning players in clan, so we welcome and encourage questions in clan chat.

We have zero tolerance for botting, begging, trolling or drama of any kind, and we do prefer it if clanmates do not cuss in clan - so you will very rarely hear any bad language.

We have a clan Citadel, which is maxed at Tier 7, and is open for you to use as you wish. Its also OK if you don't want to use it at all. Don't worry if you don't know anything about the citadel and what to learn more, we can show you everything you need to know.

Nothing in clan is mandatory, and we are very laid back and relaxed. Many of our clan mates have family, so we have no requirement for you to play a particular length of time ever. Events happen spontaneously rather than being planned ( for the most part), and we try to make the events be inclusive to everyone who wants to join in.

If you would like to know anything more, please message me in game. Or come try us out and guest in the clan chat.

Thank you for your consideration, and good luck in your search

Kera x
Proud leader of Shattered Moon

26-Jan-2020 12:53:12

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