looking for a mature clan

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Hey Ailmere

I hope I'm not too late, even though it's been over 5 days!

I think we might be just able to provide what you're looking for. I can safely say that I consider the clan I'm part of to be a mature clan with no drama. We're usually doing a bit of everything, with a diverse community, some that enjoy skilling, others that prefer killing, some that hate questing, but as long as you enjoy it then it shouldn't be a problem :D
As I'm slowly trying to get trimmed completionist done, I still need a few minigame reqs, so I've been trying to start some of them, and so far I've noticed we're usually short of some people...

We're still building up our citadel and should be getting it to tier 5 in the next upcoming weeks. So we can always use some extra hands in there!

I'm not sure whether or not any of us has any intentions on going to runefest, but I'm sure we'd let you know if it were to be the case for 2K20!

I do hope we meet at least the most important of your asks!

If you're interested, or if you want to ask some other things,
Make sure to let me know ingame!

Kind regards,

29-Jan-2020 18:32:33

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