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David James

David James

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The point of "Hardcore" though is to only have 1 life no matter what and then the account is deleted.

I get it when it's said
You DO know a lot of people play HCIM Mode BECAUSE they have the option to go to a normal Ironman once they die, right?
Having 1 life =/= locked account, IMO.
but the whole premise of "Hardcore" is 1 life then account deletion.

I'm gonna have to agree with Evsmech on this one (except the non-to-iron example, went a little off on that example there) if you don't want your account to be deleted on death then you shouldn't have created a Hardcore Ironman; just as any other game with a true "Hardcore" mode of playing the entire account is just deleted upon death.

The ability to "come back" as even a regular Ironman goes against what Hardcore stands for, and IMO shouldn't even be allowed.

16-Feb-2019 07:41:17

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