Tales from the Skull region?

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Hello all, I'm curious if anybody has any information on if an eastern lands expansion is in the works? I don't know if i'm alone in this but the tales from the arc was some of the more likeable content i've come across. Is there a chance we will see the skull region? the hook region? down the road?

I've always felt like RS was at its best when it parodies real cultures. The Kharidian desert and their link to Egypt and Arabia was always incredible, The Fremenniks with their Viking and Nordic influence is also incredible. The arc with its lore stemming from China, Japan, and the Pacific Islands is actually my favourite so far. However to my knowledge the only loose end not tied up is Bosun Higgs' lost brother. Was there anything else pointing to a future going to the skull region?

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Not yet.

We know that Mod Rowley's team is working on a "super secret project". We don't know how big it is, but seems likely to be at least a mid sized project.

Mod Rowley was one of the lead designers on The Arc as well.

Prob is, The Arc ended up being 2 batch releases (think of a lighter version of Priff ... sorta ... )

So there is a real possibility that 1-2 extensions (or more) into the Wushanko Isles might happens. It might also depend on how aggressive they get in terms of activities (ie: they opt to scale back so that it is 3-6 skills in the next regions instead of double digit, they limit the number of isles you can visit).

Then again, they could be doing another quest (unlikely a full series since they stated they only plan to do 4 quests this year and we just had quest #1), some tech development, some other skilling update (not quite the same depth as Mining/Smithing but there are a few skills that could use some love), or even an entirely new skill ...

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