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The days of Rs2 were the best, Runespan made rc so much easier, you could rest instead of needing to constantly carry stamina pots not to mention the rest of the amazing in game content that Rs2 had like the tool belt to free up some of the inventory space when skilling ect. maybe see how a poll goes for it, or even just some of the things from rs2, dungeoneering was torture, but summoning was a good skill to possibly bring back? There were so many fun and enjoyable things that came with rs2 that i would love to see re enter the game.
The fact u could add logs to a fire to burn them instead of lighting all logs individually.

Hit me up Jagex please.
Thanks vFiz

08-Feb-2019 13:03:41

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I've been playing this game since the only version of it was RSC and played RS2 since day one, I'd rather not go back to the times where I had to spend almost half a year or more training a single skill. RS3 is much more healthier for the player than either of those past two versions, so long as they have the self control to not spend hours upon hours non stop playing.

What made Runescape what it was is the community. Now that it's split (thanks to OS) that's been made painfully obvious to those who already knew that. I'd be willing to put money on it that if the community was never split and OS never came into existence everyone who would have remained would be praising RS3 rather than saying "RS2 was the best" etc.

RS3's community is depressingly anti social in comparison to "the old community" AKA. RS2/RSC. I can go hours in game on a relatively decently populated world (W23) and not see anything that remotely resembles a half decent conversation, other than people talking shit to each other every now and again (and it's always the same people).

08-Feb-2019 15:11:54



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I have different favorite things from the past and currently hate/like different things about the current game...

Can I also pick and choose uniquely specific features to have for a different version of Runescape as well?

08-Feb-2019 23:22:42



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None of these things have been removed..?
I was in the Runespan just earlier, and you can both light individual fires and add logs to one..
Are you drunk, or just saying you thought there was a lot of good content back then?
I mean.. there is still usually at least one big content drop a month, with frequent patches and improvements..

09-Feb-2019 18:11:40

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The Future Game Updates Forum is for discussion on updates to RuneScape (RS3) that have been announced or hinted at in-game. (See the "Forum Specific Rules" at the top of this Forum.)

Please use the Game Content Suggestions Forum to submit suggestions for new RS3 content or the Existing Game Content Forum to submit suggestions for improving current RS3 content. That is where the developers and other players are looking for it.

However, the things you are suggesting are still in the game, and therefore do not need suggesting.

If you wish to propose changes to Old School RuneScape, those should be posted in the Old School Content Suggestions Forum.

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