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Decimatorz said:
Support....I do have and got all bank boosters for is still annoying to keep adding scroll time with the block of stored animals from Player Owned Farm (POF) in my bank.

Can we get a barn as the OP has suggested (or a similar storage system)...Just do something similar to the Chest of quest items (at the quest point shop).

It would be nice to keep everything related to POF at POF.

Otherwise, make ALL buyers available at the SAME time, with unlimited sell-at-a-time (not the lousy 8).


But i bet they (jagex) will make it almost impossible to buy it until we have a stupid amount of beans
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03-Jan-2019 11:09:02

War tortoise
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Immortalized said:
also u can buy bank boosters never believe jagex when they cite technical difficulties to give u more space... like ya right u will figure a way out if i pay u hmmmm

you make no sense, you can only buy like 5 or so free boosters then 10 paid. thats the limit.

also this is coming this month guys.
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01-Feb-2019 20:12:36

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