Slayer Collection Log Reveal!

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Could there be a side point system per kill for the log in exchange for Silly Items. Like,

Abyssal Tentacle Beard (Head Slot)
Rock Shell (cape slot)
Fremmenik Yak Loin Cloin/Bikini (Pants/Top)
Dragon Tail (legs slot)
Dragon Feet (shoe slot)
. . .
(just to name a few)

I just don't know if I have the motivation to slay just to unlock low tier items. Anyone else with max slayer feel that way?

10-Sep-2019 05:08:21

Blak Paladin
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Blak Paladin

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So... not only you went ahead and still gated a section of the log behind wilderness' broken/unbalanced pvp... but you couldn't find a way to save some* trouble to people that legitimately had already obtained some unique drops? i mean, the update was finally added and it says that "untradeables will be pre-emptively added" but here's the thing: i already got 2 cinderbane gloves before this update, since they are* tradeable, that means i know have to keep pushing my luck for a 3rd =/ likewise, i had already obtained a Seiryu's Claw, but made it into the tradeable* Mizuyari, does that means now i need ANOTHER* claw? nevermind that you don't even get the benefit of a Slayer Helm when fighting Arhats since those can't be assigned?

23-Sep-2019 17:54:24

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quite pleased with how it turned out but sad at how it reset so much progress i had made.
with over 13k abyssal demon kills and 8 head drops, the log says i have gotten none. luckily all this make me want to do is kill more of them :)
pssst....we know who you are. Hail Sithis!

26-Sep-2019 02:46:12

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