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I didn't even know about the Wishing Well Bush.

However, looking it up, the reason it was removed was because, naturally enough for a bush, it gave seeds as one of its most major rewards. And it automatically balanced the size of its rewards of seeds against the value of the seed.

So if it started driving down the value of a particular seed by producing too many of them, to keep up the value of the reward, it would produce even more!

Obviously, that's not going to be a problem with a tree that just rewards money, and in fixed amounts. So it's not likely to unbalance the game any more than the other ways to make money in the game.

Instead, it's just a little humorous touch: in RuneScape, money does grow on trees! I wouldn't worry.

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Mr Rey Ray said:
The upcoming update will be awesome. My road to partyhat will begin! ;)

I doubt that. If it lets you make lots of money, it will let lots of other people make lots of money, and so the price of party hats will go up.

Indy Cision said:
Inb4 "stone spirits have been replaced with money tree fragments on boss drop tables, collect 10k to merge into a single seed" fix :)

Hey, that would actually be an improvement. But I came up with a much simpler one. Just have the extra ores made from stone spirits automatically go to your metal bank. That way, instead of being worthless, they would come close to being, as intended, equivalent to an ore except that they have to be activated through real mining.

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