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Carmillae said:
Well for starters alchables and especially the spring cleaner add way more cash to the game than anything else.
Second: it will take 119 farming, currently there are "only" 4k people with 120 farming, the amount won't be that substantial.

4k people is basically everyone

14-Oct-2019 00:26:36

Never RIP

Never RIP

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Steelweaver said:
Never RIP said:
Used to be able to.. Used to be that ya sell rune swords to sword shop for 12480 or whatever it was, and alch for same amount. And low alch was like selling to general.

Not 100% sure nowadays. Haven't alched in a very long time.

My opinion has always been that high alch DOES NOT add gp to the game.

It's a spell that literally deletes the item and replaces it with X gp.

Technically speaking, stores generate it the same way with the trade-off that the rate you get is garbage.

Ye, maybe now, in the minds of noobs... but back in the day general store = low alch and specialized stores = high alch.

I am still of that way of thinking and high alch never added gp. It didn't then and doesn't now. Specialized stores are ripping u off. That's all that's changed.
Skillet? Skill no.

So much moot.

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I've played enough Sims 3 to know how OP a money tree is. I can't wait to plant them. I rc nats because quests are hard and haven't done legacy of seergaze.
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15-Oct-2019 04:00:33

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It will probably be rare to come by but be rewarding for anyone who manages to obtain a seed, to the point it will have less impact on the economy than rare drops from bosses.

15-Oct-2019 09:05:42

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Mr Rey Ray said:
The upcoming update will be awesome. My road to partyhat will begin! ;)

I doubt that. If it lets you make lots of money, it will let lots of other people make lots of money, and so the price of party hats will go up.

Indy Cision said:
Inb4 "stone spirits have been replaced with money tree fragments on boss drop tables, collect 10k to merge into a single seed" fix :)

Hey, that would actually be an improvement. But I came up with a much simpler one. Just have the extra ores made from stone spirits automatically go to your metal bank. That way, instead of being worthless, they would come close to being, as intended, equivalent to an ore except that they have to be activated through real mining.

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H Rassy
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H Rassy

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Looking forward to this infamous money tree very much!.
Maybe i will finally start playing again. Check my money tree for 2 minutes a day to collect the rewards. Maybe it will be 50m a month which would pay for membership.

23-Oct-2019 11:01:36

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